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The [protected] # is 'not in service' as of 11/19/10 if anyone has another number for me to try I would greatly appreciate it, have had terrible time with this company in regards to my TV Guide magazine that I paid for a 4 year subscription, they bill your credit card and get their money real fast but the magazine labels don't get updated and TV Guide stops after one year.

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      Nov 08, 2011

    I signed up for this magazine service back in October of 2010. I understood that it might take a couple of months to start receiving my 5 subscriptions that I was promised, by paying up front for them for $33.73 per month.

    I didn't, however, think that I would have to wait a full year. I began receiving some of the magazines in December 2010, but they didn't start coming regularly each month until probably March of 2011. I called the company continuously to report that there were still two magazine subscriptions that I never received.

    A year later, in early Oct 2011, I still hadn't received them. I sent an email to the company & called again to request cancellation and a refund for the amount of money I paid, and for the product I didn't receive.

    1 month after I requested cancellation, I am now receiving collections calls at my work. I asked this company repeatedly to cancel my account over 1 month ago. Since then, I've had to cancel my credit card in order to keep them from charging me. A rep, Jeff, actually threatened me by saying I would be taken to collections for not paying them more money.

    I have counted the magazines I’ve received in the past year - they total 17. Out of 5 subscriptions that I was supposed to receive per month, I’ve only received 17 magazines. I paid this company $33.73 per month. That means each magazine cost me $20. That is completely absurd & outrageous.

    Each time I called to report the service issues, I was promised a call back after “escalating the issue” and I never received one. The rep I usually spoke to, Pablo, would tell me to be patient or blame it on the USPS(I verified repeatedly they had my correct address) Or they’d blame the magazine publishers themselves, but the rep would refuse to give me the contact info for the magazines so that I could track down the missing issues myself. For the whole year I decided to be patient & hope that the magazines I paid for would come through & that I'd receive the service I was promised.

    Now, when I call to request a credit for the magazines I did not receive, I get a run-around saying that a manager needs to be able to approve it and they will call me once they review my situation. I haven’t received a single call about this problem in the past year even though I am always promised follow up. And now, the company is refusing to cancel my account as I requested, and they're only calling me to collect payment on a "past due balance" which I do NOT owe, because I asked them to cancel my account. Never any calls about the resolution, only about collection.

    I have also spoken with a "manager" named Jackie who promised to send me an email stating that my account will be canceled, but only after I pay the past due balance. I have received no such email. And I refuse to pay this scam any more money.

    This company owes ME money. I have overpaid for service and did not receive most of my products. Since I've requested to cancel the service, I haven't received a single magazine. Yet I still receive collections calls at my work and they refuse to cancel my account.

    At this point, I feel that this service is a scam and that this company has actually stolen from me, by taking my money and not giving me what I paid for. Especially by not being willing to speak with me and negotiate a proper refund for the magazines that I paid for but never received. I feel that they owe me a refund of $300.

    With a service like this, there should be a process in place for situations like mine. They should be able to guarantee service and if not, issue a refund. If there is not a policy that this company has to refund for poor service and missing products purchased, then this is fraud.

    I would appreciate some follow up with this before I seek legal counsel for this matter. If this company cares at all about the service it promises to provide to its customers, then this company will resolve this with me promptly & appropriately.

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