Madison Security (Bronx) / Worst Company

1 Bronx, NY, United States

Hi, I hate to admit that Madison Security is a bad agency to work with. I have been working with the company for a month now. The company truly treats employees like trash. They do deduct a union fee that doesn't exist and they charge you for job placement when they don't even have the right to do so because most of the companies are paying them millions of dollars in contract to have security guards so they are not suppose to charge you for job placement. When I first went into the company they wanted to hire me for a dispatch position since I had a bachelor's degree when Mr. GATES interviewed me he stated that he did not want to go through the process of hiring a new person because it is to much work so they placed me in security with minimum wage they state is $8 an hour but they deduct your lunch break from your check and some security guards like central positions don't take breaks they eat as they work. Because of my bachelor's degree I was suppose to start at least in a supervisor position for training. This company does not have paid vacations or paid sick days. They don't have any benefits at all they lie about It. They do not pay you your full hours of work they always have missed hours you work. Most people they hire are unprofessional. I seriously regret ever applying with this company and not to mention the fact that they fired me for the lamest excuse, I was working in a residential building night shift, they fired me because the building manager received a note that he didn't like and blamed the security staff for allowing it, tell me how is security staff responsible for the way you feel about a letter??? and when I asked what was on the letter because I do have the right to know since they are firing me for it they stated it to be confidential this is against my rights since the building manager also claimed to terminate contract with Madison Security they said they will replace the current security with new. First of all they are not suppose to fire you they are suppose to replace you in another site give you another chance to prove you work. Again this company I state is not worth working for, they don't care at all about the employees. Think twice before applying. ATT:WILL

Feb 25, 2014

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