Made to measure curtains / Delivery of curtains

1 Stafford, England, Staffordshire, United Kingdom

I ordered a pair of curtains to be made on Feb 1st, estimated delivery date quited as March 23rd (Which is surely a ridiculous amount of time to wait in this day & age?) no matter.. I was decorating the room anyway.
I checked progress on March 22nd, to be told by the store (Stafford ) that they weren't in yet, but to call customer services myself as they didn't have my order on their system.
I'll make this part as short as I can as it is now April 7th, I have made 20 odd telephone calls! The upshot is that they were apparently lost (sent to another store possibly) Customer services say they were despatched on March 8th (!) a remake was ordered for me..I was told this would take another two weeks, then told that it would likely be May before I got them with no real explanation as to why.
Curtains then appeared, remake cancelled...Curtains appeared at the Wolverhampton store on Wednesday 4th April & I was assured I would have them on either Thursday 5th or Friday 6th April ' in time for Easter ' they knew I had a houseful of people & a guest room with no curtains.
I called the store on Friday 6th, having herad nothing since Wednesday, only to be told that the curtains hadn't left Wolverhampton yet (Half an hour up the road I might add) & that I nowc ouldn't get them until Tuesday as it's bank holiday & their delivery copmany wasn't working.
Call me old fashioned, but this is customer service at it's very, very worst. Nobody has been able to tell me why a level of urgency wasn't initiated in finally gertting the curtains to me from Wolverhamptonn after everything else I 've had to put up with! They have my money & they have my curtains..leaving me pretty powerless as a consumer. Very unimpressed.

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