Macy's / customer service

Went to the store in Corpus Christi on November 24 to buy luggage in the Black Friday event. Waited in line for a long time because employees were very slow checking people out. One customer bagged their own items because they were embarrassed at how long it was taking and felt bad for the customers in line. We almost got to our turn to checkout and heard one of the cashiers say that they could only accept cash and Macy credit. Seems kind of funny to me that they can take Macy cedit but no other credit cards. Seems to have been a ploy to get out of giving Black Friday prices cause we did not have time to go get cash and come back. No one said anything to anyone in line to let them know that credit cards weren't working. Waste of time. J.C. Penney had what we needed and graciously took our credit card.

Nov 28, 2017

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