What's wrong with all of these people who run investment funds and crypto funds?
Why don't they try hard to prove everyone they are not a scam? I thought it was the most important thing counting how many scammers used this field.
I can't say whether Macola Capital are scammers or not, but what would I surely do if I worked at this company? I would definitely change the photo of founders, advisors etc. Especially, photos of Lana Reeve and Monique Black.
By the way, if it's more or less easy to find some information about several founders, then the Internet knows nothing about Monique Black. It states she's been working for 25 years, so why then there's no information about her? Maybe I should look for it in a different place?
Come on, guys, what a sloppy work it is!

Nov 28, 2018

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