1 416 south main street harlan ky 40831, Harlan, KY, US
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Phone: 606-573-5321

Hello, here is my story and why YOU should not cash you check there. on wednesday i went to cash a check like i always do, but this time it was a check that marlboro sent me (winnings from a trip that i had won) and the amount was $1, 250.00. the woman no the ### behind the counter was such a smart ### too me. She took the check and looked at it and stated "what kind of check is this?" and i explained to her that i had won a trip to the marlboro ranch and the check is from them. she said that she has never heard of anything like this and it a fake and i probably never won the trip. i told her that i had the plane tickes with me and that there is a phone number to call. but she wouldnt have it. she said that she was not gonna cash it because its not real and that i need to go to the bank. this ### was not nice about it either. so i left and i will never be back there to cash anything again!! but luckly i went to wal-mart and they cashed it! well all i have to say is MACKS is a joke...they will cash personal checks that they know ARE BAD, but will not cash a legit check from a major company.

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