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Macintosh Builders / Terrible customer service

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Moved into new home constructed by Macintosh Builders of Souderton, PA on 2-15-08. The home suffers from serious water pressure issues. The builder was notified in writing by the township that our lot would have these water pressure issues. The builder however never disclosed this with us, and has ignored the problem since then. There are times when we can go 5-10 minutes with absolutely no water at all. This is unacceptable for any home, and the builder showed complete ignorance in not communicating this situation to us.

We also bought this home because it was a wooded lot. However several large 50-60 foot high trees suffered damage from construction equipment. These trees will now have to come down, and at a cost that I feel I should not have to bear. They should have been removed when they were damaged by construction equipment. Also, another large tree has to come down because electrical lines had to be re-trenched after we have moved in. The trenches ran along the roots and have now killed the tree completely.

We also had a home inspection done prior to our one-year walk through with the builder. Home Inspector discovered that spacing on roof trusses was incorrect and not to code. This may have been overlooked by a building inspector, but is still unacceptable. This situation will worsen overtime and create more financial headaches for us as the buyers. It is also an issue that I will have to pay for out of my pocket if-when we re-sell the home.

There has been a continuing water knock from plumbing that was incorrectly installed in the walls. Even though the builder did address the problem one time, the issue has come back and is now worse. Poor installation by the builder is causing this knocking problem. Several other homes of the same model in the neighborhood have the same issues. The rattle, while very annoying, also lowers the value of the home in the case of a re-sale.

There are severe cracks in the basement floor. The builder did agree to come out and fix the cracks, but we were unable to make the scheduled appt. time. The builder now refuses to address this issue and will not repair the basement cracks. However, the builder was once not able to make their scheduled date to repair the cracks as well.

Grading around the property is terrible. Water ponds and erodes the ground. There are severe erosion issues on the side of the property. Builder has been asked several times but has ignored the issue.

A PVC waterheater flue that had already been moved once because of improper location is still incorrectly placed. Where the builder moved the flue voids the warranty on the water heater. There must be a minimum of 12" clearance to soils OR anticipated snow levels. The pipe is at 12" now but does not take snow levels into consideration.

The second floor air supply ducts and returns are both located on the ceiling. I question these locations. If one is high, shouldnt the other be low? Also, another return duct on the 2nd floor is actually blowing air, not returning air.

All of these issues have been repeatedly mentioned to the builder and all representatives of the builder. Many of these problems will potentially cause extreme costs and inconveniences for us as the buyers. Customer service has been terrible. I would think that a builder would want their buyers to be happy in their home. Can I ever recommend a Macintosh home???

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  • Aj
      25th of Jul, 2009
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    I agree with you completely. MacIntosh Builder do a good job with the construction of the house but it's at a cost of customer service. The staff he has working for him is awful. We bought our home from them and Fred was a decent guy, but complained about not making money and seemed terrible when it came to customer service. The realtor he has working for him is a complete snake. She is classic bait and switch. She did it to us a number of times before we settled. We almost didn't go through with it, but we do love our home. I am still waiting to hear back from the realtors board about a complaint I filed!!!

  • Ra
      23rd of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    We had a wonderful experience from beginning to end.

  • Re
      30th of Nov, 2012
    0 Votes

    Awful customer service, his realtor is a nightmare

  • Ha
      3rd of Jul, 2014
    0 Votes

    Absolutely amazing!!! Is the best way to describe our building experience from start to finish and since. Laura was extremely knowledgeable and we always were made to feel like her only customer no matter how busy she was. Fred did complain alot at settlement but Laura is so on top of everything, it really didnt matter. We have since referred friends who also built in another development and they too are very pleased. Laura also sold both of our prior homes and did a fantastic job. MacIntosh build a great home but there is no doubt that Laura is the heart and soul of this company. unfortunate for us and our friends, the above poor reviews come from the neighbor next to us and the other is just down the street from our friends and they are as much of a pain to live near as they sound like they would be.

  • An
      1st of Sep, 2015
    0 Votes

    Which development has the issues? We are considering buying in Bedminster.

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