Machen Family / Tax debt relief

Stay away! This group did absolutely nothing to help us resolve our tax issues. After they (so called) met multiple times with the IRS on our behalf, they could not even tell us one specific reason given to them by the IRS for why we even owe any money. They did not find or get any reason for the debt, did not negotiate getting any of the penalties, fees or interest dropped, nor did they get us a better payment plan than we could have gotten by directly dealing with the IRS ourselves. They basically stole our $1500 for nothing. Contacting them became almost impossible after the initial contact and became completely impossible after all their fees has been paid. This is a scam group. We are out $1500. Save your money and find a legit group to assist you!!! I personally believe they post their own ratings on the web which is what lured me in to begin with. Not legit. Just run the other way!

Mar 07, 2017

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