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I have purchased properties with MRI, and although their Sales Team are very good, there Aftersales, rentals, and furniture packs are just rip-offs. My property had been completed 6 June andthey were able to take the keys from my lawyer to do the snagging. I was told in May 2008 that I must purchase the furniture pack of €10.500, that apparrently was worth €15, 00 as there was no guarantee of delivery of the cheaper version €8.000 and they Russian tenants for me for July and August, so my apartment in the Costa de sol had to be rental ready. the sangging was nsot done until July, and my furniture not even delivered until the end of August, the patio set only Sept. It was just lie after lie. My furniture pack is just a joke. I had to buy my rugs, pictures, etc.. many items were missing off the list. I was then told that I had received and upgrade tv...joke. it is a 21" bluesky, that you get from Carrefour for 90€. I costed my furniture and I do not believe that it is worth more than €5, 0000 inclusing fitting and fixtures. The developper had included most of the fittings, esp, the kitcheen with dishwasher, w/machine/boiler/hob/oven/fridge/freezer. I have been in contact with MRI and even written to the CEO but they just want to fob me off. My apartment has and is still unoccupied since June 6. they also owe me money for my referrals, which I still have not received. I would like an enquiry into their furniture packs, and reimbursement for their rentals that didn't happen despite their claims that they had renters. They are telling me that because the snagging and furniture was not delivered on time I didn't have the rental. Rubbish. I had paid them for this service upfront to advertise and make sure that it was rental ready.

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  • Jo
      Dec 15, 2008

    Macanthony Realty is rebranding as DCC Property so beware.

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  • Ro
      Dec 16, 2008

    We made the mistake of taking them at their word and trusting that they were reputible company paid them up to april 2009
    We got the furniture package through them at with a few extras at a cost of €10, 800 The furniture was put in the Apartment even though we were told that it was in storage in Pathos, now we find however we wil not be able to take possession of the apartment due to the economic situation (and the fact that i no longer have employment )this is at a loss to us of €20, 000
    I have got on to MRI by email and phone and they said they will get back to me but never do. We were due to take possession of the property at the end of this December 2008 and my furniture is in there and i cant get any one from MRI to tell me what im to do. I t is a problem they have created and wont even have the deacency to get back to me on this so now i will loose another €10, 800 on top of the €20, 000 They are Con men if you ask Me

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  • La
      Dec 18, 2008

    The whole macanthony family run the company. Wendy Macanthony runs the after sales. the CEO is Michael Liggin. the person responsible for completions and furniture is Barry. You will never be able to contact them on the phone and they will just ignore you. They are so arrogant.
    La marsa

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  • Ha
      Jan 23, 2009

    MacAnthony Realty uses the furniture package as a profit source of around 25 to 40% of the total cost. That is in addition to the 10 to 15% real estate commissions they collect from the new property developers. It's even worse if they are the developers or builders on a new project. That is why they will not show you resales which only pay on average 3%, even though it is a much better value.

    Not to mention resales often already include the complete furniture package in the pricing. MacAnthont Realty also profits from you on a mortgage commission splits of up to 1/2 of say 3-4% of the total mortgage amount.

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  • Ba
      Jan 28, 2009

    We bought two apartments off plan in Lagos, Portugal in April 2006 through MRI. We chose to place everything in the hands of MRI as the experts and to provide a One Stop Shop, we paid to become lifetime members, we bought the furniture pack for 21, 000 euros from MRI Spring 2007, bought the rental starter pack from MRI and signed up for MRI to market and manage the rental of our apartments all in the belief that this would ensure a smooth well managed take on and ongoing rental and management of our properties.
    One apartment was completed in April 2008 and we took a holiday there in August of this year. We were assured that all the furniture was in bar a couple of minor items and part of going through MRI is that they assure you that they do a snagging and walk through of the property before you arrive. We arrived rather late as there was no-one to meet us from MRI but eventually someone arrived. We arrived at the property to find we had no water connected, wires hanging out of the ceiling in some rooms with no light fittings, not all the furniture was installed and what was installed was the wrong style, in most cases the wrong colour and the wood was also wrong, no shower cubicle or bath screen and no rental starter pack.
    We went out for a holiday and spent the majority of it chasing MRI who didn’t return phone calls and, despite promises, never came out to check what was missing and help us to sort the problems. They basically washed their hands of us saying that everything was closed down in Portugal in August and that we should see if we could get anywhere dealing direct with their furniture contractor which we tried to do, but got no where.
    We paid for the furniture package in the Spring of 2007 because MRI quote “We strongly recommend organising a furniture pack well in advance of completion in order to pre-empt disruption from delayed deliveries…..when you order and prepay for the furniture package WE WILL STORE YOUR FURNITURE FREE OF CHARGE UNTIL YOUR PROPERTY IS COMPLETED’. Clearly this has not happened, MRI took our money, but the furniture does not appear to have been bought and stored on our behalf, if it had been it would have been in our property now.
    On 2 September we received an email from Jose and Oliver (furniture suppliers) informing us that they have terminated their supply agreement with MRI due to disagreements with them mainly revolving around financial issues. And they are no longer prepared to supply MRI with goods or services.
    MRI say this is not the case and say they are trying to resolve matters but in the meantime we have an apartment which should have been in a rental ready state for the peak summer period and is still not ready today – and we have no commitment as to when it will be ready.
    We have asked MRI for explanations and have not received any other than their furniture supplier is at fault. We have said that our contract is with MRI not the furniture supplier, but this seems to have fallen on deaf ears. We have raised the issue of compensation which they have rejected out of hand. The only thing they have done is to offer to supply a shower cubicle and bath screen free of charge (circa 500 Euros we believe) – items we would have expected to be supplied anyway.
    Furthermore, there are a number of items/features detailed in the MRI sales particulars and the developer’s sales particulars which are not actually there. The single most important of these, I quote ‘heated swimming pool with jacuzzi’. The pool is there and so is the Jacuzzi, but the pool will not be heated. Other things missing are a laundry room, lift and hydrotherapy bath and bidet in the second bathroom.
    They have now pulled out of Portugal and we are still no further forward.

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  • Tr
      Mar 13, 2009

    I am just trying to complete on my purchase in Bulgaria. It is 2 years delayed and MRI now say they have closed their aftersales and suggested clients now use for snagging and aftersales service. Their aftersales website is no longer available, you can't get any pictures to confirm your property is complete. We were offered free taxi service from the airport to the resort by MRI as part of the aftersales service when you first visit the property. They are now saying that despite paying them for aftersales service for the last 3 years and not receiving any benefits from this as the property was not completed on time that I now have to pay for my own taxi as membership has expired.
    They also sent me an email 2 years ago saying the property was nearing completion and they would be starting to advertise rentals in the next few months so I needed to pay for my furniture pack now otherwise they couldn't include my property as it wouldn't be 'rental ready'. They've had my money for 2 years and I still haven't got a property or any furniture.
    I agree they are a complete rip off and wouldn't recommend them to anyone.
    does anybody now a decent company that do snagging for you in Bansko, Bulgaria?

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  • Eg
      Mar 16, 2009

    I too have a property in Bulgaria which i was bullied into purchasing furniture for very quickly so it could be rental ready. When I did this it still wasnt rental ready 12 months later. I received an email last Friday (13th!) saying i know owe them the VAT on this furniture, i have told them where they can go for this. They suggested taking the one rental amount they have taken so far in lieu of this despite the fact that they claimed they were far removed from the other areas of MRI when I compained about the sale of the furniture before the property was ready. I would never buy anything from them again.

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  • Iz
      Mar 26, 2009

    I have just set up a group on this site. It is called MacAnthony Realty International Action Group.
    Anyone who can prove that they have been scammed/told lies to etc by MRI is welcome to join.

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  • Pi
      Apr 07, 2009

    I have also been conned by these so called professionals and it seems that every time there is a con company it is in spain!!! must be some loop hole in the spainish law. I say that if you trade with a company in Spain be very wary and if they call you without you giving details then they are pretty much con artist in suits!!!
    Surely there must be a law around taking money from people for a service that should have been provided and a notice period to relay this information to members in writing?

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  • Ar
      Apr 20, 2009

    I have just completed on my property in Aspen Heights, Bansko, Bulgaria through MRI. After reading alot of comments from people concerning MRI i sympathise with most of them. From my experience and after travelling out to see my property and exploring and investigating the area i have come to the following conclusions:

    MRI are not the best company to deal with, basically they will give you what they say they will. They will try-it-on and try to get as much money out-of-you if they can. Of course they are going to cream as much off as they can, they are not doing this for nothing! Im reasonably happy with what i have purchased (being my first deal!). And talking to the locals and other property dealers they have all said that you will eventually make money, but it will take a while.

    Some information that has come-to-light (facts) is that MRI are down-sizing, a former director has started-up a construction company called DCC and is using MRI offices (found in an article from the Telegraph)!

    The Ian Wosanam Golf course is on a separate development and for residences only! However, the Mayor of Bansko has stated that it will be available for public use (don't know when!). Im also sure that there is going to be approx 7-10 golf courses built in this area (although not 100% sure).

    The airport has civilian planning permission but as to when it gets turned into a civilian airport (how longs a piece of string!). Also there are approx 300-400 studio/ one-bed apartments in Bansko that don't rent out very well, so if you are relying on rentals then im afraid, at present you may be dissappointed!

    Bansko is popular with beginner to intermediate skiers but the area is over-developed so there is alot of choice, the mayor has stopped all building work and anything started can be finished and thats it!

    Moving forward, what i plan-to-do is to sit on the apartment, not bother with MRI rentals, aftersales or anything to do with them unless i can help it! I intend to get some use out of the property and try to rent it out through a separate company either straight away or in the next couple of years. After that, see what happens and probably sell-it (even if i have to wait 10 years :)) eventually i will get my money back and who knows even make a profit! I bought my property mainly as a holiday home, so it depends really why you bought yours! As to people saying that they could'nt get a mortgage etc although i sympathise i do feel that these people were not being totally realistic. Common sense would tell you that a bank does'nt have to give you a mortgage credit etc.

    But in hind-sight i would of gone over to bulgaria and bought 'as seen', hired my own private lawyer (approx £400) and then job- done - thats what my mates done in Sunny Beach-no problems, hassles or more expense though he does'nt rent it!

    But always remeber this if its too good to be true then it always is!


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  • Ge
      Apr 27, 2009
    Macanthonyrealty - Reinbursements of fees

    I gave Macanthonyrealty 500 euro to advertise my apartment in Bulgaria. They admitted that it was never advertised and they will hand it over to a third party I requested the return of my fees but they deducted 350 euros for admin costs. The contract I signed does not stipulaste admin fess because the feels would be obtained from the letting of the apartment

    Macanthonyrealy are rip off merchants I would not recommend them to anyone


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  • Sc
      May 12, 2009

    My wife and I have just spent our first day of finding out what a sham of a Company we have dealt with. The feeling of utter stupidity for falling for this is terrible.
    We fell for the furniture pack scam and find after an email today that they will no longer be providing any service which we have paid for means we're out of pocket by at least €8, 000. On top of this we find out from the financial people that there are hidden outstanding costs that we were not told about of €19, 000 which we need to pay on completion, something MRI said would be no more than €10, 000. Please let me know how to join any action group as I cant believe how many people are in a far worse situation than us and everything should be done to stop this happening any further.

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  • 5s
      May 19, 2009

    Oh god I feel for so many people who believed the 'marketing' of MRI. How can they be stopped from conning people - I reckon he will make a pretty penny/cent/lev etc from his latest round of visits. There must be some law against what they are doing. Was it not said in the past few years that it was going to get easier to sue people through the European Court maybe we as a group should look at that especially now the elections are coming up!

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  • Su
      May 29, 2009

    We also are an elderly couple who were conned by Darragh MacAnthony and his tribe of liars and crooks. They even let out our apartment - completely without our knowledge or permission and pocketted the rent. They were not even our rental agent! For God's sake, if you have been dealing with these people, get your lock changed if you have not already done so. They are totally unscrupulous. And by the way, they are now marketing themselves under a new named company "DCC." Spread the word, everyone.

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  • In
      Jun 24, 2009

    Advice please. Has anyone sued this bunch of liars and crooks? If so have you been successful and did they back out before it got to court even though the case against them is cut and dried?

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  • 5s
      Jun 24, 2009

    I wish please someone do it!!!

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  • Na
      Jul 02, 2009

    These guys (particularly Darragh) are nothing short of absolute thieves. My company successfully sued them in the UK Courts for GBP20, 000 in unpaid advertising fees (hence my contact with this despicable company). They had the audacity to deny signing a contract when it was sealed with their company stamp and faxed from their offices and then FILED false witness statements!!! . They then ignored the UK Judgment but we had it transferred to the Spanish Courts. In all seriousness these guys are complete ### (particularly Darragh) - and I recommend you give them a wide berth as I personally have never come across such a crooks.

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  • Jo
      Aug 12, 2009

    My Advise is dont Buy with MRI.

    We purchased an off plan Appartment with them in december 2006. Told it would be ready by April 2008. It is still not ready! Paid for mortgage advice and application half towards the Laywers. Joined their Aftersales.

    What a joke. Have called them, written to them and still no response. When we visited the devolopment last year the Aftersales Manager did not even know where the site was. That's why they cant answer your questions on the devolopment. They dont Bloody go.

    I dreed the day they do the snag list (if they do one). Been told loads of times, the property is nearly complete and not by MRI.

    Keep well clear of these con merchants!

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  • Ne
      Sep 27, 2009

    Could anyone put me in touch with people who have lost money in a project called Villaitta in sunny beach Bulgaria.The selling agents were MRI i would really appreciate this help.I have lost approx 30, ooo euros the developer has kept the money.My nos is [protected].

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  • No
      Oct 06, 2009

    for those shafted by these ###, a court action is underway in relation to 'properties' in bansko Bulgaria. Though it may not apply to your particular investment, you should know that something is being done. You should step forward, dont be afraid of these guys. do some searches, you should get results

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  • Am
      Oct 06, 2009

    bought an apartment in turkey in 2005-06 after realising that all was not going to plan with the build and lies were being told about everything from the golf course to completion we backed out loosing a deposit of 26, 000 with no chance of getting money back. BUT this week we get a call out of the blue from mcanthony saying they are trying to resolve the issues that clients who have backed out have raised with a look into getting some money returned????????? what the hell is going on we have a meeting set up to speak to darragh mcanthony in october. I do think the meeting is legit as they knew all our details but dont know whats going on. can anyone shed any light on this for me because im not getting my hopes up or anything but why ring now??? thinking maybe they want us to transfer money onto new development and get morgage for the rest dont know will just have to wait and see. Very confused

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  • Jo
      Jul 14, 2010

    has anyone had contact with a company called Eurpeon Advisory service about a civil law suit against MRI. Their assetts have been frozen abd civil suit is being filed? are these a reputable firm? can anyone please advise, They operate in nLondon and Malaga spain.

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