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Macanthony Realty International / Justice needed!! - Fraud & Deceit by these MRI crooks

1 Bulgaria Review updated:

Nothing but fraud and deceit from this company and it's employees. Lies advertised and sold about Golf course views and use if you purchased their Aspen Golf or Aspen Suites developments in Bulgaria, Razlog Valley. Lies about aftersales, lies about recommended independent lawyers, breached contractual obligations, the list continues...

What I'd like to know from these blogs is how buyers can get their deposits back and some justice.

What Darragh MacAnthony and his loyal subjects have done is contributed to the economic downturn with a huge number of people being left out of pocket.

Darragh MacAnthony and every individual working for MRI who believes they have not been deceitful to unsuspecting buyers are no better than common theifs who qualify for jail for STEALING people's hard earned money. Only place for criminals is behind bars, bloody disgrace of an organisation full of disgraceful people. It's truely disgusting.

Their Bulgariuan lawyers, Gugushev & Partners, might aswell be MRI's accomplices as they are helping MRI with their crime despite of the fact that MRI have breached the contracts with their clients.

I really hope Darragh of one of his subject or associates reads this blog.

If you think you're getting off the hook easy Darragh or the new CEO (I'll try and remember your name soon, don;t worry), think again, do the decent thing and return peoples deposits.

What goes around comes around, and all of these guys who have been part of this deceit are just charging bad karma for their and their children's future.

If you think you're getting off the hook easy Darragh, think twice as the ride has only just begun for you, do the one decent thing in your unsuccessful life and return peoples deposits on the Aspen Developments in Bulgaria where you are legally on dodgy ground, thats the only way you can walk with that shameful head of yours held atleast a little high again and be a success, you started with the right intentions, to be a success for your family name, but all you've achieved is DISGRACE and you're no more successful than a common thief. You're a disgrace to your family name and have disgraced Irish blood.

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  • Ha
      23rd of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes

    MacAnthony Realty is a house of thieves. I unfortunately worked with the Florida office, until I figured out the scam. The company policies relating to profits and customers are nothing short of criminal fraud. A full investigation is long overdue. The ring leaders Darragh MacAnthony & new CEO Dominic Pickering belong in jail for the evil they have done. My only advice is run, don't walk from these guys. Everything you have suspected, nasty rumors on various blogs and reports from news papers are way too kind.

  • Si
      15th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    Hey i have aprtly paid for my two apartments in bansko one being the aspen heights and the other being ski apartment. i am about to pay the other half for both apartments but now, after reading so many bad things about them i dont know what stuck inthe can i cliam my money back...if i pay them the rest do istill getthe chance to get the keys to my apartment...i am really stuck please help

    any adive will be deeply grateful. if you know anyonw i can contact please feel free to contaact me asap

  • To
      19th of Feb, 2009
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    Hi Alison

    we have started to combine groups now and are collecting people's stories and statements of their experience with this company, CFP and the solicitors legal Independence. We are all people who are going through the same ordeal. There is a member who has worked very hard to recognition from their MP and MEP. These in turn are contacting the OFT and others.

    Anyone else who feels lost in this, please get in touch and add your story to help prove there are many people who have been misled by these companies.

    It is called the MRI Support group.

  • Ke
      1st of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    we have also been let down by mri and are totally frustated by this company. We have had nothing but trouble from day one and get fed up with constsant ways in which this company demands money from us. We have bought two properties on the aspen golf development one of which is still not furnished and now they are saying that it will not be furnished untill we pay this vat on the pack of which we knew nothing about. They were supposed to be built on the front line of the golf course but are obviously not. We are very keen to get in touch with people who want to get a group action together as to take up seperate cases would be to costly and probably ineffective.

  • Gr
      3rd of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I bought property in spain through MRI. They have rented it out ( in Sept last yr ) and have not paid me the money. This is dishonest. They don't return phone calls or emails. Any advice on what I can do?

  • Ju
      14th of Mar, 2009
    -1 Votes


    Please can you advise us? We purchased a property in Aspen Valley, paid the first two installments and where then advised by an independent person that the land was still mortgaged which was in breach of the contract. I confirmed this with the MRI lawyer who confirmed the land was mortgage and that MRI was in breach, however she was not prepared to cancel our contract and proceed to get us our money back. Since then we have paid the independent advisor to terminate the contract and they are now asking for more money to proceed with the court I would like to know if there are any other people preparing to go to court with Pavlova and Dramov Law Firm (acting under trade mark Legal Services Agency) I have check with the Bulgarian legal system and the lawyer is a registered and practicing, however I cant find any web site or listing for the company. Therefore before we send any more money in to the big black whole called 'property investment' I would like to know of anyone else who had had any dealings with this company or if anyone has successfully received any of their money back.

    Kind regards

    Desperate from Canvey!

  • Mg
      19th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have also been in touch with Legal Services Agency but have the same reservations as it's difficult to validate who or what they actually are. I was made aware of them via the mysterious Dave from Aspen Refund. I've spoken to him on the phone a number of times but would welcome any feedback from anyone else.



  • Mg
      20th of Mar, 2009
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    I've setup a personal webspace with some info on ...

  • Bo
      25th of Mar, 2009
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    I too have purchased through MRI back in Mar'07 and it has been a nightmare ever since. I could write about all the problems I have encountered but this would be the size of the New Testament by the time I finished.

    The highlight however, has been that we were basically advised by MRI representatives in Bansko, when we asked about financing the investment as we were not wanting to release equity to do so, that replied "we shouldn't worry about getting finance as someone will give you finance over here".

    After nearly a year of going through the mortgage application with CFP, who were introduced to us by MRI on our initial visit to Bansko, and numerous calls from MRI wanting us to sign up for this and that if we didn't want to miss out, we were eventually given initial approval in Nov'08 only for it to be taken away in Dec'08 due to the bank concerned pulling all such products from the market. This left us in a difficult situation in that we had no money to complete the investment and were in danger of losing the 20, 000 euro approx we had already forked out to MRI and their sidekicks for property, after sales, rental management services etc.

    With no other avenues open to us in which to raise funds we were resigned to the fact that we would loss all the money we had already invested. We weren't too impressed by this as it was MRI et al that led us into this situation in the first place by making such false statements as referred to above.

    To add insult to injury we have recently received a letter from lawyers of MRI in London that they wish to take us to court for the outstanding balance owing on the property in there "due to the loss of opportunity to sell to another buyer"! Yeah hilarious!

    This has caused us a lot of worry and stress but we have not secured anything against the project so I’m not sure what these people think they can achieve from this action.

    If the law is equitable and stands for justice surely these crooks don't have a leg to stand on unless they stole it from one of their many scammed customers. It is them that should be taken to account for their deceitfulness and down right fraudulent activities.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated; my advice is to stay well clear of these crooks

  • Dd
      26th of Mar, 2009
    -1 Votes


    Please register your complaint wiht the Serious Fraud Office if you are from the UK. There may be no gurantees that they will investigate but as this scam runs into millions of pounds from hundreds of UK investors/consumers you never know, and atleast official bodies will become aware of the scale of the matter.

  • Tr
      5th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    Hi All,

    Yes the same thing has happened to myself & my partner... we bought an apartment each in Bugaria (Aspen Valley) and we also are not impressed with MRI handling of the situation... the fact that the banks have withdrawn the mortgage products and that MRI do not seem to take this on board... they have offered that if we could pay the remaining amount over a period of 3 years... at a cost!!! of course... and of course its not attainable... BUT THEY ARE A Business... Not one i'd recommend to other people... customer satisfaction is not part of their aftersales care... in my experience.

    We stand to lose nearly 58.000 between us... The solictors do not keep us up to date, and when we get in touch, they can't remember who we are, and we have to repeat the situation... not helpful- since this is a very stressful situation... The solictor informed my partner a couple of weeks ago that MRI are being taken to court, since we had informed them that we can not make a payment and we do not want the bills/ fines that MRI are enforcing on a daily basis, since we have lost quite enough money already.

    We have no idea what is going on... We are kept in the dark by all...

    Anyone any further than us????
    Tracey Manchester

  • Fr
      8th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have read with interest peoples comments with MRI . I have also purchased in Bansko, Aspen Heights,
    and I have to say customer satisfaction and aftersales care are not one of their qualities. They are not very forth coming
    with information and I do not have a lot of confidence in them. I know that I have purchased a property that was way overpriced
    and find myself in the situation of having got approval for mortage it will not cover the full cost leaving me with a shortfall to fund which I do not have.
    Would like to get in touch with other people who purcahsed in Aspen Heights and hear their comments

    Frank (Dublin)

  • Li
      26th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    Hi all,

    We are in the process of finalising the purchase of an apartment in Aspen Valley but we have just heard from another property company that MRI are in the process of winding up?? We would love to hear from anybody who has completed the purchase of an apartment in this development as our solicitor at Legal Independence is putting pressure on to forward the final payment.

    Many thanks,


  • Go
      27th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes


    We are in same boat with Aspen Heights. We have paid large deposits, have received nothing but threats for balances but are told MRI cannot complete as they are not going to repay loans to Bulgarian Government.

  • Go
      27th of Apr, 2009
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  • La
      19th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I put a dep down on Pirin Rise in March 06 as did my daughter and her then fiance, they bought 2 x 2 bed apartments

    I was unable to get the 70% mortgage I had been told would be NO Problem and they then offered me a mortgage on 30% of the remainder meaning that on top of the £25, 438.80 I had already paid they wanted the same again, and I could mortgage the deficit at an rate of interest rate 9.9 % fixed

    long story short I would have had to pay cash of £50, 876 and take a 9.9% mortgage on the rest £25, 438.80 - I asked MRI to sell and even said I WOULD TAKE A LOSS - NO JOY AND WHY would there be when they can shaft new clients! - also the furniture package went fr 3K to 8, 500k! in 9 months. I have resigned myself to losing all the cash I had in the world - my pension

    Now that's not the worst of it, my daughter's finance died suddenly in August 06 and nothing we have been begging MRI / Legal Indep to do since has helped to get their dep back..she was 71/2 mths pregnant and now has a 2 year old to raise - she cannot get a mortgage as her partner was the earner and they are insisting that SHE can go ahead dispite being told otherwise - £58, 878.80 he paid and they state that as her signature is also on the doc's his death is not a get out of jail card, now UK law states ALL his assets are in probate and will eventually got into trust for her son so her hands are royally tied, she cannot fight for something that is not hers yet they say she CAN take a mortgage..

    Some one somewhere should be able to stop these thieves, they promise everything but when you call the staff are new from one week to the next - so NO culpability as you cannot speak to the person who made the empty promises

    Eileen Mid Ulster

  • Ja
      19th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have bought in Apsen Heights and I am currently waiting on the title deeds. My situation is similar too many I was told by CFP (who I paid 900 euros too) that I could get a mortgage and since many products have been removed meaning I have had to find the finance myself . I will be looking to get a refund as they did not offer me a product.
    I have had to get a loan which I am paying an arm and a leg for. I was fortunate to only buy an overpriced studio along with an overpriced furniture package. I have put in about £53, 000 for the whole lot and it is likely to go up.

    As I have been caught in the whirlwind of the so called 'overseas investment' I can only really learn from this and make sure due dilligence is done independently.

    I still receive phone calls of agents of mri and it just makes me sick the crap they come out with. However I have learnt my lesson never again .

    Frank I was wondering if you have recently seen the Aspen Heights development?



  • Ra
      27th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    I know many people who have been scammed in two developments in Sunny Beach, both sold by MRI. One is Palazzo---originally sold as apartments, but on completion somehow morphed into an aparthotel. People who bought here found they could not access their apartments unless they gave two weeks notice each time they wished to visit and also found that their apartments were being used (rented out ) by the developer without their consent. He made a derisory offer of yearly return and then refused to pay even that. MRI and Legal Independence refuse to do anything about this scam.
    MRI also sold Renaissance a sister project by the same developer. All construction on this project is now stopped and yet no deposits have been returned. MRI have told us that deposits will not be paid back because the developer is gone into liquidation. This is totally untrue. No mention of liquidation can be found in Bulgarian court records, and the same development company own 51% of Palazzo.
    Those of us who have been conned in Bulgaria must find a reputable law firm (in Bulgaria) to fight our cases.
    Legal Independence will do nothing except ignore you and protect their founders MRI.

  • Ch
      29th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    In 2005, I paid a 30% deposit on two seperate developments in Sunny Beach. The first development completed in June 2006, and despite a good credit rating and furnishing the completed apartment, spending nearly a full year ringing CFP, MRI and Legal Independence, the mortgage eventually failed to come through and I lost the lot. There have been many argument’s since and nothing as come of this. The second apartment completed this year, but luckily I arranged the mortgage myself. Guess what I had a phone call in January asking me how my new apartment was going, this eventually led to the possible offer of one of the Chairman’s own apartments in Bansko to make up for my losses.

    I have never had an answer as to why the mortgage never came through. At the time I was dealing with CFP, MRI and LI, there was no credit crunch, however I gave them in excess of a 20, 000 euro deposit, and paid for an MRI furniture pack amongst other expenses, e.g. notary, survey etc. I received absolutely nothing in return!

  • Al
      1st of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    We bought in the Renaissance development in Sunny Beach and have also been told that the company has gone into liquidation. We were offered a substitute property in Bansko but there was no chance we were going to put more money into MRI. I am sure there are numerous other people out there looking for answers and their deposits back? The problem is where do we go from here?

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