Maca Property Management LLC / Worst management service ever

1 United States

If you sign a contract with this company, you will be very dissapointed very soon. The owner of the company, Marissa, is the only person you can talk to, but it's very hard to contact her. She rarely answers the phone. She only contacts you whenever there is a huge expense for you, and every month you will have huge expenses like the A/C or water heater and they will charge you at least $650 for such expenses. Don't trust her comments on her website or the fake testimonies. You wont get accurate monthly statements if you get them. You wont get your deposits on time, if you get them. They will even charge you for things that they never told you about. Your rental incomes will be very minimal. I had to cancel my contract with her in about 6 months. If you want to make sure that what I say is true, just sign a contract with her and you will find out soon but you'll regret it.


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