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Mitch Campos the alleged President of Mac Prime Foods in Northern California engages in door-to-door sales of meat, fish and poultry products that he claims are "fresh, " "natural, " "hormone free, " and "free range." He obtains leads to new customers by offering prior customers $100.00 off future orders for every lead than pans out. He claimed to obtain his meat and chicken products from a reputable farm in Nebraska. He claimed the farm only sells USDA Prime and Top Choice Beef and Super Select Pork products. However, the products he presented to me appeared to be no more than common, ordinary meat products that could have been purchased anywhere. In my opinion the products appear to have been re-packaged by him. None of the products contained a label stating their place of origin, ingredients or expiration date. The products appear to have been re-packaged with a common food sealing machine. The "prime, " "top choice beef" was full of fat. The fish "fillets" were nothing more than slivers of fish! My family and I became ill after eating his "FRESH, free range-hormone free" chicken. The chicken was very dry and appeared to be old. Mac Prime Foods sells these products at an extraordinary high price. And although he says the customer can have a full refund if they are not satisfied, I have been getting the runaround getting my money back.

I can not confirm Mac Prime Foods has a sales license or State of California resale number. After reporting the chicken illness to local authorities, I was informed it is ILLEGAL in the State of California to sell meat products door-to-door.

Buyer Beware.


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      23rd of Dec, 2008

    I recently bought $500.00 worth of meat and poultry from Mac Prime Foods. I will NEVER EVER buy anything from them again. To begin with, they shorted my order. If I had not checked my inventory, I would not have realized Mac Prime Foods did not deliver everything I paid for. I had to tell Mr. Campos items were missing. The missing pieces of meat were eventually delivered, but they should not have been missing in the first place. I have a friend who had the same thing happen to her. Except in her case, the missing meat products were NEVER delivered.

    As far as my families order went...ALL of the chicken Mac Prime Foods delivered was spoiled. Mitch replaced the chicken with steaks. The steaks were of good quality (so unlike the other products) that I was curious to find out where the steaks came from.

    The steaks were professionally packaged in wrapping that said “Newport Meat Company.” The steaks were the ONLY products that looked professionally sealed and labeled. All of the other products had a shabby homemade looking “Mac Prime Foods” label on them. I called Newport Meat Company in Irvine, California (888 781-2333.) I asked them if they sold to Mac Prime Foods and I was told “certainly not!” Newport Meat Company had never heard of Mac Prime Foods.

    I also called Newport Meat Company’s sister company “[censored]iola Meat Company (510 438-8600.) [censored]iola Meat Company assured me Mac Prime Foods is NOT ONE OF THEIR AUTHORIZED BUYERS. SO IT SEEMS MAC PRIME FOODS MIGHT BE GETTING NEWPORT MEAT COMPANY PRODUCTS IN AN UNAUTHORIZED MANNER.

    Also, one thing I do not like about Mac Prime Foods is that the items on the order form are not individually priced. So you have no way of doing a price comparison. All that I know is that I could have gotten alot more meat and poultry and of better quality for the same amount of money if I had shopped elsewhere. I kept getting one excuse after another as to why my products were being delivered by Mr. Campos personally. He claimed to have a delivery driver and a “big” delivery truck. But he made my deliveries in a dirty white van and he carried my meat and poultry products to me in a not so clean plastic storage bin.

    Based on the first complaint, I did some checking and I too can not find any city or county where this business is licensed to sell these food products. Sellers of food are required to be licensed to insure food packaging and handling are being carried out under sanitary conditions. Because ALL of Mac Prime Foods products (except the Newport Meat Company steaks) looked like they were packaged with an at home “seal a meal” machine, my family and I did have concerns about the safety and cleanliness of the products. Someone said for all we know the products could be being packaged in Mitch’s garage next to a kitty litter box. The thought is gross, but sadly it could be true.

    I will not purchase from Mac Prime Foods again because the quality of everything (except the Newport Meat Company steaks) was very poor and I do not know where the other products were purchased and packaged. My ground beef and pork products had a lot of fat as well. And the pork chops were very thin. I was very disappointed with the quality. In all honesty, I believe I can get better quality and prices at Costco.
    I had heard Mitch Campos was cited by the South San Francisco Police Department. I did call the South San Francisco Police Department (650 877-8900) and I asked them. They referred me to police report #081126054. They could not give me all of the details, but they did say Mitch Campos went to a lady’s house WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT and that his behavior frightened her so she called the police. They also said he IS REQUIRED BY LAW to have a license to sell food products and that he WAS cited for driving and not having a valid drivers license. They said the officer made Mitch wait for a licensed driver to come and pick him up. My family and I thought this was improper behavior on the part of a company “President!”

    I called the Better Business Bureau (510 844-2100) as well and they said he is NOT A MEMBER, although his website says he is. The BBB also said he DOES have a NEGATIVE rating with them. I have a few words of advice: If you are going to buy food products from an individual company, make sure the company has:

    1. A Seller’s Permit (commonly referred to as a “Resale License.”)
    2. A local Business license
    3. A Food Safety Inspection Permit issued by the county where the business has their principal place of business.
    4. A GOOD rating with the Better Business Bureau

    What Mitch Campos is doing is not as innocent as selling Girl Scout Cookies. Although Girl Scout Cookies are sold on an informal basis, each box of cookies has FDA required information on it, such as where the cookies were made, the basic ingredients and an expiration date. Even when you buy meat in the grocery store, all items are labeled with the weight; packaging date and/or sell buy date. This information is required by law to be in plain English. Mitch Campos claims this information is encrypted in his homemade barcode label. Personally, I am very doubtful about his claim.

    Too bad I did my research after-the-fact. My experience with Mac Prime Foods has turned out to be a $500.00 lesson in how NOT to buy food outside of the common retail grocery market! All in all, I can not honestly recommend Mac Prime Foods to anyone. My experience with Mac Prime Foods was expensive and disappointing. I WILL NOT ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN, NOR WILL I REFER ANYONE TO MAC PRIME FOODS.

    P.S. I have serious doubts as to whether any of the food I purchased was organic, hormone free or any of the other healthy claims Mac Prime Foods makes. Because the products are not labeled according to USDA guidelines, Mac Prime Foods is the only one who knows the true origin of the products. Based on my true gourmet past history, in my opinion Mac Prime Foods meat, fish and poultry products are nothing more than common everyday grocery store products that can be purchased in any low end meat department.

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      22nd of Jan, 2009

    Mac Prime Foods is now operating as Mac Foods Delivery Service. Buyer Beware!

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