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In October 2008, I purchased meat, poultry and fish from Mac Prime Foods of Concord, California. Mac Prime Foods engages in door-to-door sales ( by way of referrals) of meat, fish and poultry products they claim are “fresh, ” “natural, ” “hormone free, ” and “free range.” The owner Mitch Campos obtains leads to new customers by offering prior customers $100.00 off future orders for every new lead that pans out. Mitch Campos claims to obtain his meat and chicken products from a reputable farm in Nebraska. He claims the farm only sells USDA Prime and Top Choice Beef and Super Select Pork products. He comes to your home, gives an impressive laptop power point presentation, analyzes your 3-month grocery needs and then sells you three months of meat, poultry and fish products. He says you need to buy in 3 month allotments, because the animals are not slaughtered and prepared until the farm receives your order request! However, the products he delivered to me appeared to be no more than common, ordinary meat products that could have been purchased in any cheap grocery store. In my opinion the products appear to have been re-packaged by him, using a standard at-home food packaging machine. None of the products contained an official label stating their place of origin, ingredients or expiration date. The only labeling existing on his products was what appeared to be cheap, stick-on, computer generated “Mac Prime Foods” labels! The products I received looked NOTHING like the images that appear on the website, or like the images he showed on his laptop presentation! The “prime, ” “top choice beef” was full of fat. The fish “fillets” were nothing more than slivers of fish! My family and I became ill after eating his “FRESH, free range-hormone free” chicken. The chicken was very dry and appeared to be old. Mac Prime Foods sells these products at an extraordinary high price. Each time I called the phone number listed at, I could never talk to anyone from Mac Prime Foods. It appears as if the number is just a dummy phone number set-up by an answering service somewhere. Thankfully, I paid for my order with a credit card and I put a fraud alert on the card. I asked Mitch Campos to make arrangements to come pick up the order so I could get my refund. I had only tried about 8 items from an initial $1300.00 order. What I tried was such poor quality that I dared not use anything else! Although Mac Prime Foods says the customer can have a full refund if they are not satisfied, I was initially given the runaround by Mitch Campos. First he said he would send a refund check to me. I would not agree to that because it appeared he did not have an official business location or the required local, state and federal licenses needed to sell his products. I was fearful of being given a bad check and being faced with more runaround. One day he came to my home unannounced and in a very argumentative frame of mind. I was home alone so I did not allow him in. I asked him to leave. He initially returned to his car and drove off. But then he turned around and came back to my door. When I saw him coming back I called 911. The police arrived and told him not to come back to my house, to refund my money and not to charge anything more on my credit card. After that, he did process my credit card refund. This is what I have found out about Mac Prime Foods.
1. Mac Prime Foods does not have an official business location.

2. Mac Prime Foods operates from a “virtual office” in a business complex run by a company called Executive Business Center (
3. I have not been able to locate one city or county where Mac Prime Foods is licensed to conduct business.

4. Mitch Campos was cited by the South San Francisco Police for driving without having a valid California Drivers License.


6. Mac Prime Foods does not have a USDA Food Permit to sell meat and poultry. My family and I became ill after eating the “free range” chicken we purchased from Mac Prime Foods. BUYER BEWARE
YOU RUN THE RISK OF CONTRACTING SALMONELLA OR E-COLI poisoning if you consume contaminated meat or poultry products. I the chicken illness to local authorities and was informed it is ILLEGAL in the State of California to sell meat products door-to-door. I live a very hectic life and often have difficulty getting out shopping. Many of my life’s necessities are home delivered to me. This is the first time I have ever had a problem with the quality of home delivered goods. I wish I had followed my first instinct and not purchased from this company. However, the company was referred to me by a member of my church and I blindly followed the recommendation. Now I know Mac Prime Foods clients get a $100.00 discount on future orders for each new referral that pans out. In a sense, I feel put off by the church member because he wouldn’t even listen to my criticism of the company or travel a few blocks to come to my home to look at the poor quality of the products he referred to my family and me! Maybe it’s all about the money for some people! In my opinion, if you want over-priced, dry, tough, sickening meat and poultry products Mac Prime Foods is the place to go!

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