Mabee Learning Center / Unorganized

1 10712 Sam Snead, El Paso, TX, United States

I believe that this department is very unorganized. They don't have structure and the classrooms are too small for the amount of kids they have. I also strongly believe for the safety of children I believe that it is not right for parents to walk in to pick up their students. The reason being is that sometimes they're are caregivers who are changing students, and cleaning toddlers when they need to be changed into new dippers. My concern is that we don't know who walks in our classrooms. We don't know their background history or if they have any criminal reports on them. It is important for our kids to be safe. With the structure issue the director should give a certain schedule for teachers to follow. This facility doesn't also follow state standers of what children need to be learning.

please email me for any further questions.

Jul 15, 2015

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