M5V REALITY / Took money for a deposit

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M5V Reality in Toronto is a joke! I wanted to rent a property from them for December and gave money to Realtor SOPHIA BAILEY in October ($1200). For me this is a pretty big chunk of change, considering I am unemployed, 22 years of age and supporting a child under 2 years.

I had a change of heart on the property and never signed a contract and still have a receipt, and decided I did not want the property in November. And they told me they could not give me my money back, even though I was not going to live in that condo anymore.

I tried reasoning with these people, I even agreed with the boss (SHERRARD MCQUEEN) to help find someone to occupy the unit before the move in date. And I did, and they lead the person to believe that they could and then last minute ignored the phone calls and avoided the issue. I feel robbed, played for a fool, and I've never met such crooks in my life.

But if I could give a word of advice. DO NOT TRUST these people, they are dishonest thieves that don't deserve to be in business. I will forgive these people, but I will never forget what they have put me through, and my family. They are scam artists and I truly believed the credibility of these people, considering I allowed them into my house and had them around my child. This woman came into my home and I gave her my deposit in confidence and she scammed me. A true super RAT!

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