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M3 Realty Partners LLC. / Committing fraud doc!

916 Dorchester ave.Dorchester, MA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 617- 436-3253
I purchased a few Condo's through M3 Realty Partners LLC. This is truly the most fraudulent company that I have ever done business with. The agent that we used, we later found out was the owner of the company. It is also said that he owns a Real estate investing company called Southeast Properties in the southed. The Owner/Principle/Agent, scammed plenty of innocent families in the Dorchester area. He has appraisers, appraise the values of these condo's for triple the amount that it's worth, he also has good connections with mortgage brokers who mickey figures to make transactions go through, he also promises to do repairs to units and install luxury amenities to the units and some how these upgrades our left out of the paperwork. So when you go to ask the man about them, he will easily dismiss you or brush you off until you get tired of dealing with them. I heard that he'll even give you cash back during these transactions for repairs or upgrades and sometimes never gives you the money... or at least the exact amount money promised.

Please... Run from this company. I have been scammed along with both my uncle and aunt plus many of my close friends. He will try to wine and dine you to buy. But it is all smoke and mirrors at the end. He is a charming and a sweet talking. He will charm the pants off of you and then stick a knife in your back later. Please...save your credit. Protect your credit... and if you want to purchase a home. Don't do it the easy way, and don't trust anyone. Be educated and do your research. I heard that there are so many people suing thing guy, we might all have to stand in line. Don't be a victim. Do your homework! These guys get rich off of our ignorance. They only care about the welfare of their own children not the welfare of yours. Buyer beware.


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  22nd of Jul, 2008
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Your right, he is being sued by everyone. But, on the flip side it's just a matter of time before he will be on the front page of the Boston Globe.
  22nd of Aug, 2008
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I bought a few of my past home from them as well as my sister and we had no problems at all. I think you have something against them. I saw my appraisals and they were not inflated at all. I got my mortgage myself through someone I knew that had no connection with M3.
  2nd of Apr, 2009
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I was also scammed by this company. I received a phone call not long ago from another real estate company who is trying to purchase the property from me. They want to purchase it but they know the scam and explained to me how M3 has been doing this for ten years! Some people made out good. Their properties actually appreciated and they have renters in the homes. Naturally this makes sense. They have to have some good testimonies to compensate for the people they are stealing from. I believe that the comment by Mr. Ty Smith may be a result of that wooing. The FBI is now involved. Anyone who would like to make sure they go to jail, please contact me. I am not letting this go. I worked hard to establish my credit and now it's ruined.
  2nd of Apr, 2009
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I am in the same situation and in desperate need of some help to get out of this. If there is anyway I can get into contact with someone to help me with this. Please let me know how.
  10th of Oct, 2009
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I recently worked in Realty Partners Call center located in Windham Maine and just wanted everyone to know that yes it is a SCAM! The owner Rob Hansen is a ### and should go to jail for all the money he is scamming out of people. He puts adds up on craigs list only a few states a day for rentals and properties that dont even exist. The 800 you call on the add takes you to the call center I recently worked at and then we take your credit card for 1.95 and promise a email with a link to the site that has all the names and #s for the homeowners. Only thing is they are just pictures that he puts up in every state and you dont ever get the names and numbers to the homeowners. Then when you call to cancel you get forwarded to India and usually you arent able to cancel so he automatically charges your credit card again for 39.99 or 49.99 depending on how you signed up.
Well I have recently moved and have a new job and now Im having a problem getting my last pay check. He is very rude and needs to be arrested. He is such a bum and all he does is sleep in his office all day. Sometimes he would even come out onto the call floor and yell at us swear and belittle the whole group if we hadn't made any sales in the last hour. SO I know a local news caster in the area and Im thinking about getting him and his buisness on the news and see how he likes that. Monday Ill also be calling the department of labor about my last check he wont give me. So If your thinking about signing up DONT its a scam. He also has adds in craigslist for cars so be carefull!
  10th of Oct, 2009
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  18th of Jan, 2010
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Let me tell you one thing the whole business is a scam i use to work in realty partner customer care and i was fired cause i refunded the money to the customer who over charged customer had four diffrent accounts with the charge of $49.00 each and addtion to that $3.99 each customer complained to me that he never called in to open the account i went through the account i advice the customer that his name is register and we charge $1.99 so i will that money and refund rest customer was ok and did the refund it went till my process head and next i know was i lost my job doing the right thing no explaination was given. so dont ever sing up for it and one this they have no info about the house and no info about the contact information, they will just fool you saying that its getting updating.

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