M1 Tank Abrams / nokia promo

hello people!

dont be convince for this SMS nokia promo.they send the SMS through computer appears like you recieve it from "".saying you won such big amount of money!

### to this person who send this messages.

How could i win my celfon is MOTOROLA (gago talaga).

such a big joke,

Ive read one of the story sended here, he even send 490 pounds through western union,

after sending the person is asking again for 2% tax .

one promo again, is Nestle Aid Organization

the origin is also in England, first they ask for all of your personnal details.

then after that a 2nd e mail they will send it again with the website of the Nestle Company

convincing you for the background of the company, its network ETC.

How stupid is this guy. The Nestle Company in our hometown back in the Philippines are just renting a warehouse for there merchandize, then how come Nestle could give an aid to individual for only for personnal use ?

and the Nestle company is based in Switzerland. not in UK

and im not even a regular consumer of such products.

So you people out there.wake up, !
dont be a fool for this kind of scam.
Same thing with those who send you e mail from a war torn country, escape then had a money left in Royal Bank of Scotland, deposit by her father etc, then ask you to become her depository to transfer such huge amount of money etc.

be aware!


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