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M. Walter Roofing / A job too small

1 Elmhurst, United States Review updated:

I can't really say what kind of work this company does because after getting the runaround for 2 weeks from them, Mr. Walter himself told me that his company wasn't going to pay $4.00/gallon for gas to come out and do my small repair job on my roof. Then Mr. Walter proceeded to tell me that he would come out the next day if I would pay him $600.00 to do my roof repairs that according to their advertisement should only cost $99.00. I guess Mr. Walter figured out a way to off-set his high gasoline bills. By ripping off the cusomers!!!

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  • Ma
      3rd of Oct, 2008
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    Wow, and I thought i was the only one to have problems with M.Walter Roofing. We had a roof put on 3 years ago, and now it leaks. We have tried since the Spring to get these guys out here to fix the leak, but to no avail. We have been given empty promises and the biggest run around you could imagine.
    Frustrated to say the least, Mark

  • Kk
      11th of Oct, 2008
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    My roof was installed in 2001 and has leaked since 2002. Today I am having a new roof installed by a reliable roofer and he can not believe the poor work done by M. Walter Roofing. Now I have to go back and sue M Walter roofing for a new roof .

  • Mm
      19th of Jun, 2009
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    As requested, in May 2009, an estimator with M. Walter Roofing came out to my residence to appraise my house for a new roof. The estimator approached me while I was in my backyard. The estimator went to hand me his appraisal and I asked him how he was able to appraise the roof without going onto the actual roof. The estimator said they do not go on the roof when giving appraisals. I asked him how he would know what needed to be done without going on the roof. The estimator proceeded to tell me they do not go on the roof. The estimator tried to hand me the appraisal again. I told him I did not want the appraisal because it was not accurate.

    As the estimator walked away toward his car parked in front of my house, he said we don't like doing business with "your kind" anyway. It was very clear to me that he said that because I was black. As that point, I raised my voice at him and told him to get off my property.

    As the estimator drove away, I immediately contacted M. Walter Roofing Co. I asked to speak to the owner. I informed the owner what had just happened and the specific comment their estimator made. From the tone of the owner's voice, it was clear that the owner was not interested in what I had to say. The owner tried to accuse me of saying something to provoke his estimator to speak to me that way. This is a family owned business and I'm pretty sure the owner is the father of the estimator that came to my house.

    M. Walter Roofing has VERY POOR practices and customer service. If M. Walter Roofing does not want to do business with "my kind" they should stop hanging their flyer on doors in The United States of America.

  • Kk
      21st of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    M. Walter Roofing does not want to do business with any kind of people. They just want to take your money and never see you again. As I stated above, M. Walter Roofing installed my roof in 2001. After having a new roof installed in 2008 by a reliable roofer, I complained about M . Walter Roofing to the BBB. After going through 6 months of back and forth, it was decided to go to arbitration with the BBB. I had to pay for this also. Well, I won and now, even though the decision was legally binding, he will not pay. And to really top it off, the BBB has closed my complaint because they can't get him to pay either. My advice to everyone out there, if you are looking for a new roof, M. Walter Roofing is not the company you want. If you were unfortunate like me and had M. Walter Roofing put on your roof, forget the BBB and take him straight to court. Maybe it you are lucky you will get your money back.

  • Ph
      9th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    I recommend any one out there if you have any roofing project M. Walter is not a company to choose for your roofing or any project. VERY VERY POOR
    CUSTOMER service. They won't even return your call. I had to make three calls and they finally shows up and then they blames on gutter. They install new roof in 2003 for us and we still have warranty until 2011 but they won't do anything about it. They blames on gutters.

  • To
      11th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    This company gives you a 10 yr. warranty then when you have a problem they want to charge you $150 to come check there work. That wasn't written in the warranty. They tell you they are doing you a favor by coming to check it anyways.

    They give you a real attitude on the phone. They say they were bought out. I see they haven't changed there business practices to help past customers. For $150 they just lost a customer and I will tell everyone I know not to use them. good job M walter!!! make that $150...

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