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Ref: My Order No. [protected], dt.21-12-2011. On non shipping of items [24" MITASHI LCD TV & SANDISK PEN DRIVE 8GB], My order was cancelled on 30-01-2012. I made several reminders for refund of my amount, but they are making simply saying that "Payment Refund Pending" . No proper action . The Payment was made thr' ur Reputed Firm to TIMTARA. I do not understand how u have entered MoU, with such a FRUAD co. by which ur reputation gets BAD. I request u to immediately instruct/direct TIMTARA to pay back my amount IMMEDIATELY and Oblige.
Thanking u,
Sincerely Yours,
N Satyanarayana
My E mail Id: [protected]

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      23rd of Apr, 2012

    This is how I got my money back.

    1. Send a cancellation request via email with all the details. As per their cancellation policy, you are eligible to cancel the product within shipment time and I am sure your product must be saying "awaiting shipment". They may call you and make promises to deliver within shipment time, etc but that's your call to believe or not to believe them. I chose not to.

    2. If you don't get a confirmation from them on cancellation, chase up by escalating it to CC avenue (payment gateway) and senior people of timtara (not that senior people will ever respond or will be helpful).
    , <[protected]@ccavenue.Com>, , <[protected]@timtara.Com>, <[protected]@timtara.Com>, <[protected]@timtara.Com>, <[protected]@infosecure.Com>

    3. Launch a complaint at "consumer online resource & empowerment centre" online via http:/Ccccore.Co.In/

    ccavenue cannot initiate the refund but they can pressurize timtara to refund your money. You need to keep chasing and keep escalating in order to get a response from them. Good Luck!!!

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      23rd of Apr, 2012

    Thank u Friend. Of course now I got my Refund thr' ccavenue staff''s [Ms Kavitha Shetty ] pressure on Fraudulent Timtara. after 3.5 months struggle. I also suggest all gullible customers of Timtara to approach [protected] to get Refunds [if any].

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