M Models And Talent Management Agencyshawn - the ultimate greaseball

I have been with M Models for a few months and I still do not think it's a scam. The payments take a long time to come in for gigs and so I'm still waiting on my first paycheck from a commercial I did months ago... I still have faith I will be paid.

But MModels may as well be a scam due to the sheer incompetence their only agent named Shawn. Shawn is a slimey, arrogant, and unhelpful salesman. He is yet to provide me with any accurate information about the dates and times of my auditions and he has been obscenely late for each of our meetings. If I tell him that he sent me to the wrong address for an audition or that he gave me the wrong date for a shoot (wasting copious amount of my time), he gets angry, demeans me, and explains that he has 500 other clients to deal with . He has even threatened me and shouted at me when I've questioned his abismal organizational skills. Basically he is saying, " I don't give a [censored] about you, you already paid me $650 dollars you fool."

It's easy to tell right away that Shawn is the ultimate greaseball, but you may think to yourself, "hey, that's showbiz. If he makes me money, I can deal with this guy." But the reality is you will never make your downpayment back, you will never be enrolled in the acting classes promised to you at the start, and you will certainly never have a pleasant experience with Shawn.

This agency is a sick joke. Please spare yourself the stress and heartache of dealing with this clown. Go somewhere else. Even a scam would be better than MModels.

Jan 15, 2019

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