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I recently had the displeasure of dealing with MJ Hecker & Associates over a debt which I acknowledge I owe and offered to make payments on BEFORE they went to court. Not only would they not discuss payment arrangements PRIOR to going to court they demanded payment in full without regard to my circumstances.

I was told to call back AFTER they went to court and got their judgement to discuss payment options. Stupidly I agreed to do this. Even more stupid on my part was to give them the name of my employer. I repeatedly ask that my employer not be contacted as I was afraid of losing my job. That did not matter to them as they contacted my employer the next day.

I contacted them today, Mon 6/29/09, as they had requested and was told I had to pay the full amount by tomorrow or they would submit the papers to garnish my wages. Once again I told them I would lose my job is they did that and pleaded with them to give me until Wed to make a $500 payment on a $693 debt and agreed to pay the balance on the 15th of July. That was not acceptable.

They told me to "suck it up" and do what had to be done. I was talking to a "Michael" but when I pleaded with him to contact his client and ask if I could please make the payment as discussed above he put someone else on that claimed to the office manager. By then I was so upset I did not get his name. I eventually hung on him and after thinking about it all afternoon I finally calmed down and decided to do some research on the company. What an eyeopener that has been.

I will pursue all my legal remedies against this company and leave no stone unturned until I get some satisfaction. I know I owe the money and I am willing to pay it.

Everybody falls on hard times at some point in their lives. Unfortunately I reached that point and now I am trying to dig myself out of it. It is not necessary treat anyone in such a rude, arrogant and judgemental manner. I would never wish the kind of problems I have incurred in the last 2 years on anyone.

However I do not believe companies like MJ Hecker & Associates should be allowed to treat people like they do and still stay in business. I find it hard to believe they were allowed to join the BBB in January, 2009 in Colorado. My next complaint will be to the BBB, the State Bar and anybody else I can find.

While I do not wish the kinds of problems I have had in the past 2 years on anyone I have to say I hope that some day the people at this firm find themselves on the other end of line. Wonder how they will appreciate being treated like dirt. What goes around comes around. Some times bad things happen to good people. That does not make them a bad person.


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      Jul 01, 2009

    uh. sorry but you are on the hook for not only the original bill amount but now court charges as well. The only thing they can do to you is obtain a judgment, put a lien on your property, and try to garnish your wages. Since you have made this all so easy for them, you now have no leg to stand on.

    pay your bill in full, immediately. rude and arrogance is not against the law.

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      Jul 13, 2009

    My son was contacted by the same firm today
    the gentleman was extremely rude and condesending.
    My son was very upset with gentleman and hung up .
    He pulled himself together called back and asked to set up
    a payment plan. The gentleman said he is refusing
    because of my sons rude behavior and as a result
    doesn't feel my son will follow through. In the letter
    that was faxed to my son it says payments are
    an option. Anyone has any advice???

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      Oct 15, 2009

    Despite 5 attempts to work with this firm, I am now going to court...and I intend to argue in full the fact that I sent them a 'good faith' payment which they returned to me. If they were so interested in getting debts paid, I don't see why they would refuse a bank issued money order...maybe they enjoy being jerks...and I think they have been rewarded for their bahavior for far too long.


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      Oct 15, 2009

    NHC, you need to contact a consumers affair attorney. There are numerous ones out there. I found Weisberg & Meyers thru a google search. They handle cases for FREE if there is a violation of fair collection/debt laws. I have a lawsuit in process at this time and this company has been sued numerous times in the past for their questionable practices. The more people that take action against such companies the better. Anybody can fall on hard times and have financial problems. That does not make them a bad person or give collection agencies the right to mis treat them. GOOD LUCK!!!

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      Nov 19, 2009

    Don't believe anything that this type of HARD CORE collection agencys tell you. I worked for one of these agencys many years ago in Atlanta and the laws were different. The collectors used to enjoy going into work early (5am) to call people in California in the middle of the night and call them dead beats. They would even tell people that the police were on their way to arrest them if they did not pay now. Law does not allow these tactics now but they still use tactics to scare debtors. I have filed a complaint against MJH with the Colorado Better Business Bureau. They call and reveal to anyone within hearing range of a answering machine the fact that you have legal issues. This is against the law. Companies like this make their living acting like vultures ready to pick the debtors bones. My case with them is not valid and if they persue this I will have my lawyer file against them. I am a senior citizen and live in a senior community so let them try to attach my apartment. Lots of luck with this.

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      Dec 16, 2009

    This group called my house today. My husband answered. They told him we had a bad check in the amount of $14.61 to a bread store, but because we "didn't pay it", it was turned over to them and now has incurred legal fees because this is a "law firm". The new amount was $525.00. Now, how exactly does a check (that I have already paid for 7 months ago) go from less than $20.00 to 36 times the original amount? My husband wasn't thinking clearly due to being violently ill. He calls me at work and says I don't want to be sued. Pay it right now. we have until 2:00. So I call and tell the man that my husband said I needed to pay something. He tries to tell me about the bill, and I said that I didn't make a habit of bouncing checks, and this was the only one and I remember it clearly and that I had taken care of it 7 months ago. He continued to tell me that they were going to file suit if I didn't pay RIGHT NOW. and he could settle for $500.00. My stupidity was that my husband told me to pay so I paid. Now I realize (hindsight is 20/20) I shouldn't have done that but again this guy was very rude and very firm and my husband very adamant. So I call my bank and try to find out all of the information. thank goodness that I used the same account so they are looking up the payment to pay off the check in the first place. I asked the bank what I should do, and they said this place sounds like it is possibly illegal and to stop payment. So now I have stopped payment on the check. I called back to MJ Hecker to ask for an address. The guy said well what do you need an address for. I said well, say I wanted to make a payment or something. He said, well we have alot of departments so who am I talking to. I need to have your name so I can look up your account. I said ok if you don't want to give me an address that's fine. I then hung up. He proceeds to call me 3 more times which I hung up my cell because I was at work. During my break I tried again. I called and the guy said what's your name and I figured I needed to tell him not to even try to enter the check because I already stopped payment so I gave him my name. He got very rude and said you called and hung up on me. Why did you hang up? I said well I simply asked for an address and you couldn't give it to me. He said well, he'd talk to me about it, but hold on I'm on the other line. I hung up again. Why answer if you aren't going to talk to me. I am disputing the check because it was already paid. Now tomorrow, I am going to have to tell this guy that I stopped payment. I am going to ask him if he is an attorney, to which he will say no. I will then request to talk to the attorney. The only attorney they have is MJ Hecker. If the other guy refuses to transfer me, or Hecker refuses to talk to me then I guess we will be at an impass. I will inform him that he has 5 days to get me the information in writing about my debt. If it is not received, I will assume that they are no longer pursuing this. If I do receive it, I have the information to dispute it, in which case they should no longer be disputing it. I will inform him that I am recording our conversations. I have already informed him (don't know if he heard me over telling me to pay my bill, ) that I work for a law office. This is so silly. Now I am having to change my checking account (direct deposits, direct payments etc) because I don't know this guy from Adam. He gave my husband the checking account number. I know that makes me sound stupid, but really if you have to deal with these people, you understand how insistent they can be.

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      Jun 26, 2010

    Know your rights

    A federal statute known as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (often called the "FDCPA"), 15 USC 1692, gives you specific legal rights to sue debt collectors who unlawfully threaten, berate, intimidate or harass you; call you during odd hours, make false representations about the debt or their intentions, or otherwise act in ways proscribed by the act (and their are many). False statements may include (and this list is just a small example) threats to:

    * Attach your wages when unlawful or not intended-this includes threats to take more wages that is permitted by the federal limitation (wage attachment for a credit card debt, a non-student loan or for an obligation that is not support is generally illegal in Pennsylvania, however, now that law has been expanded to rent and lease damages in some cases-you should check the statute to be sure);
    * Contact your employer about the debt;
    * Call you "everyday until the debt is paid;"
    * Sell the debt to another company for the purposes of continuing collection on a time-barred debt;
    * Contact neighbors about the debt;
    * Contact the Department of Homeland Security about your alien status;
    * Threaten imprisonment or criminal punishment;
    * Report a financed vehicle as "stolen" because you missed one or more vehicle payments;
    * File or threaten to file criminal bad check charges on a post dated check that the collector solicited from you;
    * Immediately evict (by an agent for a landlord); lockout, or seize personal property where such relief is limited by state law;
    * Sue, where no suit is intended, e.g. a collector requested "settlement prior to possible legal action" where the collection agency had no authority to sue, or to retain counsel. This action was held to be deceptive and violative of the FDCPA by a federal court in Connecticut.
    * Or, a threat implying that the collection agency has multiple employees or investigators working to collect the debt, where only one or two people work for the agency.
    * Collect or sue for "collection costs, " "attorney's fees, " (see also below) interest not pre-agreed to in excess of that allowed by statute, "fines, " or any other fee in excess of the actual amount due, unless the original agreement provides for the amount the collector threatens to collect. For instance, the collector cannot threaten to add attorney's fees or his fees where the agreement you signed does not specifically provide for them. Let's say you went to the dentist and just signed consent form and a medical history. You agreed to pay for all charges if your insurance did not. Nothing is mentioned about anything else. The collector cannot add any other fees or even and especially, his costs, late fees or other charges.
    * Add "collection costs, attorney's fees" and similar additional charges have also been held to be deceptive and misleading, because they do not state exactly what debt is being sought.
    * Sue or bring any kind of legal action where the threat is not followed through (i.e. a scare tactic), or any number or other threats designed to demoralize, humiliate, degrade; embarrass or intimidate a debtor into payment.
    * Or any threat where the collector says he is legal counsel or an attorney/lawyer when he is not;
    * Or a threat or attempt to mislead a debtor that a claim will be transferred to an attorney or separate department of a collector (e.g. "This will be transferred to our legal department for further action"). Letters misrepresenting that the account has been transferred to an attorney may include an attorney's letterhead with threats of legal action. Have you ever received a letter from a lawyer who purportedly collects for a major creditor? Has the lawyer been out-of-state? Has the lawyer threatened to sue if payment was not made.

    Contact John Gleason
    Colorado Supreme Court -Office of Attorney Regulation

    The address is 1560 Broadway, Suite 1800, Denver, Colorado 80202. They are located in the Denver Post Building on the corner of 16th and Broadway in downtown Denver. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

    The phone number is [protected], or toll free [protected].

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      Aug 12, 2010

    Anyone with pending charges against MJH should respond to this and I can post an address to sign on to a class action lawsuit being generated near Denver, please only if you have verifiable FDCPA violations on record or already pending or judged in your favor.

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      Aug 19, 2010

    I have information that may be usefull against m j hecker. Please contact me if you are interested

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      Aug 29, 2010

    I would love to know. I currently can't get anything from these guys other than I owe them money. No response on my certifiedletter nothing.

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      Mar 11, 2011

    Got my check last month!!! Recordings of his emploies seem to get the courts attention. Have not heard from the Colorado AG's lateley but they are investigating at this time for ethics violations!!!

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      Mar 11, 2011

    OOPS, let mr re-type that,
    Got my check last month!!! Recordings of his employees seem to get the courts attention. Have not heard from the Colorado AGs office lately but they are investigating at this time for ethics violations!!!

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