M & I BankBad constuction loan

We took out a construction loan with M & I Bank to Build our ADA home for my disabled vet husband.. The bank stated in their paperwork that M & I Bank would send out an inspector to check on the progress of the house BEFORE they gave the draw to the builder..The builder did not finish the house and the work that he did do was substandard. When we ask M & I Bank for copies of the inspections they told us to get a lawyer because that was "company only " reports. Then we were told that if the home was not complete that they would take the property and start proceding against us. We paid cash from our 401k for the acerage. The bank gave us an option I feel we were forced into and that was another loan for the same amount as the first one to finish the house..I believe that we were taken advantage of as we did not live close to the building site. After calling lawyers in town I found out that M & I has all the best construction lawyers in town on retainer and I had that verified. The house is 2 1/2 years old and the foundation is going.. IF YOU HAVE HAD ANY SIMILAR PROBLEMS WITH M &I BANK please let me know . I am working on a class action suit. [protected]

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