M and T Business Checking / Insufficient funds fees

1 Annapolis, MD, United States

M and T Bank has the worst customer service. Only your home branch can help you - whether you are at a bank branch or in person. If you have a problem, even if it is the fault of the bank, they will listen to your complaint and then do absolutely nothing.

This has happened numerous times:

1. My account was negative. I called the toll free business checking number to ask why. The customer service rep said it was and I quote, "Because I spent all my money". When I complained about the comment to my branch they apologized but did not offer any reprimand or anything other than a bland, "Oh, we're sorry that happened." The reason my account was negative was because a deposit given to me by a client had been returned by the bank for NSF on their part.

2. My account was negative. Someone from the bank called me to let me know my account was negative. I asked them to help me find out why. They were UNABLE to do so from my OWN branch and suggested I call the toll free business line to find out why. It later turned out to be bank fees but just further emphasizes how the employees at this bank are a bunch of mindless mules.

3. I made a $10, 000 wire transfer to ETrade to pay a bill I owed. At the time there was $10, 000 in the account but by the time the account was actually wired, I was short by about $50. No one ever called, nothing mailed. I only found out that the wire had not been received when the person I owed the bill to called.

4. If I make a deposit I can call the next day to the toll free business banking line and the line will say the deposit is in AVAILABLE funds. Then, I spend it. Later, I get an insufficient funds letter stating that items paid that day (the day the line said funds were available) were PAID against INSUFFICIENT FUNDS and I am charged $37 per item.

5. I have had deposits clear the same day that checks are paid and have been charged insufficient funds.

This bank is so random and so 'big bank'. They do not care about their clients at all and are only out to suck every last little penny from the masses. I wish this bank would curl up and die. I am switching banks.

If I can ever find a way to sue this bank, I will.


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