Lypothin / Unauthorized charges

1 WA, United States

I ordered 2 bottles of Lypothin online for $29.95 S&H of $5.95. They shipped one bottle of Lypothin plus a bottle of Craving Control and charged my credit card for $89. Then, a month later they shipped a single bottle of Lypthin and billed $95 to mafty credit card. I called the 866 number and after 20 minutes of explaining that I did not want to pay forr items I did not order came around to they wouldn't do anything about the first order but they would credit the card for the $95 if I mail the pills back within 21 days.

This is clearly bait and switch and a swindle. I should have known when there was no brick and mortar address on the website. Maybe there was fine print somewhere but I didn't find it. Worst part is the stuff didn't work. Try a chromium supplement with the usual antioxidant for way less money.

Mar 22, 2013

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