Lyon Finanz GMBHLoan services

Do not ever make the mistake of filing a loan application with this company. The company has an attactive website and you apply on line. But to get the paper loan application package, you have to pay at a fee to get the registered mail. You apply and you wait till eternity. You follow up by email and the only response you will get is to call up a number that is answered by a very rude woman. Then you get offers to various types of insurance as a condition of getting the loan. You pay up the insurance companies thinking that you will finally get the loan and you get the monthly insurance bills. You will never, ever get the loan you applied for until you get tired of following up. Do not ever, ever fall into the same trap as I did. Now they are calling themselves lugano finanz gmbh !!! The same trap befalls any one applying with this company. They ought to be outlawed and the company officers procecuted for fraud.

Feb 01, 2017

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