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To whom it may concern:
I was on your web site on June 7th to apply for the Grant Kit. However I never received it and was over charged 65.96. Which I demand to have returned to my credit card right now.

I find it very upsetting that I was on the Canadian Income Tax Website looking into my taxes and saw this link. Only to find out that it is an American web site. I do not understand how someone out side of Canada can offer grant money from the Canadian Government.

So I did the normal thing and called the cancellation number only to be very rudely interrupted continually by someone in India. Who was extremely rude and had very poor customer service. I demanded a supervisor only to be told there was now one available.

As a Canadian citizen I was totally shock ed that here was a web site set up to help Canadian, only to be directed to an American website that charges American funds. Then to be put through to a call centre half ways around the world in India.

Please respond to my email ( [protected] to let me know when to expect the refund. If i am charged any more then i will have to seek Legal council and have this company investigated.

I tried to attach this but your option are not compatible to mine.

8 Jun 2009 EARNINGSKIT.COM [protected].96
57.61 USD @ 1.1449
7 Jun 2009 EARNINGSKIT.COM [protected] 2.26
1.95 USD @ 1.1589

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Lyndon Oppen

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