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The lack of communication and professionalism that I have encountered these past 2.5 weeks at the lynbrook Cvs is appalling.

I called my sons physician on November 2 to have his medication monthly refilled . Each month Cvs tells me on the date it is promised that it needs to be ordered and the meds will be delayed (Why it needs to Be ordered when he gets this medication EVERY MONTH is puzzling).

On November 6 I phoned CVS to make sure the doctor called it in . They told me couldn't fill it until November 7, and they would have to order it as they due every month. I called on November 8, the date the drug was promised, and they had not sent in the order for renewal. They claimed to have ordered the medication then. I called on 11/11 and the meds were not in. On 11/12, the computers were down and couldn't fill the drug. On Thursday at the pharmacist's recommendation, they dispensed 30pills (5 dAys worth) because they didn't have the balance yet (computers down again) and my son missed school that day as a result.. They promised the balance of the pills on Friday the 17.

On Saturday the 18th, they still don't have computer functional. I return at noon at which time, I was informed that a new script was now needed for the balance of the pills. (150pills, balance of the 30day supply). The pharmacist was calling the doctor to get this. No one phoned me to update me.

Sunday, the 19, I call and was told the drug was filled and ready. Upon arrival, it cannot be found! Later I find that they didn't not rectify the issue. I 230 tombe told that no one has the history of what's transpired and cannot fill the script.

My son NEEDS this medication to FUNCTION in school and in life. He has Autism and without 60 mgs daily cannot attend long enough to take care of daily living skills. CVS pharmacy has caused him to regress because I have not been able to give him his medication at the full dose daily.. The technical issues coupled with the lack of communication and professionalism has adversely affected my entire household and his education. He missed school because he didn't have the medication! This is unacceptable . I demand a response and it rectified today.

LAURA Guggino [protected]

Nov 19, 2017

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