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Hi all,

This is the complaint about LYCATALK. Guys who are having 'AUTO DEBIT' feature enabled in your account. please be more careful

This is one of the worst customer service I ever had.

In the month of April-2009, £10.00 got deducted extra from my account as I have been set to Auto Debit.
From the Month of April i'm speaking to those guys to revert back the amount in to my bank account. Till date the customer service didnt responded to me. Really they are careless, whenever I speak with them they will be saying the amount will be credited in your account within next 15 to 20 days. But till date I didnt get my money back.

They dont have minimum ethics of what a customer service center should have. There is no strategy a TICKET NO./Ref.No/Complaint Number should be issued when a customer raised a complaint.

I dont have any hopes that my amount will get back to me. As I'm getting cheaper rates with other vendors I dont want to use Lyca Talk anymore and more over they are not taking any necessary action if a complaint has been raised. So I stopped using that. I left my hopes.

so guys please be careful.

My Lyca Talk accnt no: 6729169

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  • Ah
      15th of Sep, 2009
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    Hi jaini
    i am not agree with you. I am a Lyatalk customer for last two years.
    i was also had lot of experencing this top up problem but i received all of refund to my accounts.
    I contact them over I got immediate responds from them and got money within one week.

    Lycatalk is a 100% quaranteed minutes and money back products.
    its giving lot of Rewards as well.

  • Rj
      18th of Sep, 2009
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    Hi Ahmed,

    Thanks for your comment.

    But i'm not here to raise an unnecessary compliants against lycatalk.

    By the way, did you get your amount back in to your bank account? or lycatalk account?

    I'm speaking with those guys from the month of April, but till date they didnt gave me any email id to proceed further. They are ready to transfer the amount in to LYCATALK account, but I dont want that. I want them to transfer to my bank account, but they are unable to do it.

    When I spoke to them, they informed me that 'they have raised a complaint about this, but the raised complaint is getting rejected and so they couldnt put back the amount back in to my account'.

    I'm not sure.. about the raising the complaint. As we are customers we should raise the complaint, I dont know to whom the LYCATALK is raising the complaint again.

    I never checked the guaranteed minutes; as they are so irresponsible to their customers, not able to fix the customer's problem from these many months, I dont want to use LYCATALK any more.

  • Ol
      26th of Oct, 2009
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    making call to nigeria mobile phone when are you cut price down please?

  • Sa
      25th of Jun, 2011
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    Absolutely in agreement there. Lycatalk store all information and it seems all information (even password!!!) is known to customer service staff. I have been calling with a complaint regarding my account. On one ocassion, the agent called back and in trying to simulate the issue
    he utterred my password (which I had given to him in a previous call a day ago!!! ) The fact that he should not have asked for my password and i should not have given is another issue.
    Regarding my complaint, they have also been trying to wipe out my card data from the account, but have been unsuccessful. So their system has stored it and they now do not know how to wipe it !!!
    Also, they say no hidden charges. But when i asked customer service agent to close my account and open a new one as clearly they had failed to resolve an issue with my account caused by their system failure. The response was - THERE IS A £5 CHARGE TO CLOSE THE ACCOUNT. IS THAT NOT HIDDEN INFORMATION ?????? AND MISLEADING WHEN THEY SAY THERE ARE NO HIDDEN CHARGES!!!
    It has been over 3 months, I have made numerous calls to followup on my issue. Each time, I have been the one chasing them rather than they proactively looking into the issue and keeping me informed and to date, the issue still exists!!! Very poor attitude of customer service staff i must say.
    I do not want to sound biased, on the positive side, the connection, connectivity is good. But customer service is absolutely hopeless...

  • Ba
      23rd of Feb, 2015
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    I open a lyca talk account 2 days ago and top up 5$ for my mobile. After one day, they blocked my account . Still I have 3.80 cent unused in the account. They told me for security reason they blocked my account. I called them from my mobile and they asked the photocopy of my credit card. My answer is "you guys allowed me to purchage minitues without the photocopy of credit card, why you are demanding this, you should ask before purchage, and I will refuse to buy any minutes from your company. You varified my BOB and you can see the number if my phone on the screen as I am calling, what you want more for security? it is a 5$ card? I said if you don't like customer, just credit the balane to me and I will look for something else. they told they will not refund the money either. Guys be careful about Lyca talk" . Their customer service is not good, ask so many personal questions, I am not applying here a credit card, I am they bother too much, I spend somewhere else. By the way my account number is 217661989

  • Sh
      17th of Jan, 2016
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    I opened a account with lycatalk in mid December 2015 I was givin rate of 1.9 cent to Pakistan cell phone and land line and they have charged my credit card $65, and after one they changed there rate from 1.9 cent 4.9 cent no such thing was told before no warning or notice giving, when called customer service such nasty attitude given, asked them for refund being told there will be $5 admin fee apply this company is [censored]g full of tricks and they are stealing people hard working money will not recommend to any one this full of Sh**t company

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