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Recently, I found that Lyca mobile was making unauthorised deductions from bank account of my daughter - renewing a bundle, though autofill option was never filled. When I complained (on 6th December), there was no reply for a long time. Fed-up, we complaint to the bank who will be recovering the money deducted by Lyca, and advised us to change the debit card so that Lyca may not be able to make any further deduction. Then, after several days, on 20th December 2016, I received a mail from Lyca asking for a copy of bank statement and an image of the credit card showing the first 6 and last 4 digits of the credit card number. By this time, I was on vacation and on 2nd January 2017 provided the information, giving only last four digit of the credit card number. As company is indulging in unethical practice, amounting to fraud, I can not trust them to give full information about the card. So far, no reply from them.

Next, I found that they repeated the unauthorized deduction (for a bundle, for which there was no autofill option given) on my another Lyca number. Since bundle was bought first time using my wife's debit card, deduction was made using her card. I complained on 2nd January and there was no reply. I sent a reminder on 5th January with warning that I am going to complain to the bank.Finally they they replied that bundles are automatically renewed after 30 days, though it is not evident when you buy a bundle. They told me to dial *190# and follow the instructions on the screen to cancel the automatic renewal of the bundle. But when I tried that a tab popped up for Autorenewal Option. It clearly indicated, there was no autorenewal but they were still deducting. I wrote to them again asking for cancellation of autorenewal, but no reply. Then on 13th January, they again deducted money despite all this communication with them.
It happened in case of two sims with me. In one case I complained to the bank and credit card had to be changed. In the second I am shifting from Lycamobile to another company but not sure this con company may still deduct money and in this case also credit card may have to be changed. I am complaining to bank and VISA also. Any suggestion will be appreciated.

Jan 13, 2017

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