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Luxury Limousine / Terrible experience

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We paid $800 to hire a driver to drive a 14 passenger limousine, carrying my husband and I, our parents, and the whole wedding party from my house, to the church, to a location to take pictures, and to our reception. We hired the limo from 1:15 pm to 6:15 pm. Almost three weeks prior to the wedding I faxed the Company the addresses of my house, the church, and the reception site. I called them the day before the wedding to confirm that they had all the information including the addresses of all locations. They ensured me that they did.

On the day of the wedding, I received a phone call from the driver about 15 minutes prior to the time the limo was scheduled to arrive, asking me for directions to my house. I am not sure why this did not concern me at this time. The limo arrived without too much problem, however, when we got into the limo we realized that the driver, had not turned on the air conditioning in the back of the limo prior to arriving at our house. It was 90 degrees out at that time of day and the limo was very hot.

Even worse, the driver then asked me where the church was and how to get to it. I personally feel that it is the driver's responsibility to have the addresses of all important locations with him (which I faxed to him) and he should have previously looked up directions before getting to my house. The only job the driver had the whole day, which we were paying him $800 for, was to get us to our locations! He did not have directions, did not have a map or GPS, and was not at all familiar with the area of any of the locations. I was able to give him directions to the church, however, all I wanted to do was relax on my way to my own wedding, and became very stressed out as I had to yell directions up through the window to the front inside a very hot limo.

After the ceremony, we were going to a another location for pictures. We provided him written directions, which were given to all the guests from the church to the location of the pictures, and then from this location to the hotel where we were planning on stopping before the reception. He got us to the place for pictures fine, however was not able to follow the directions to get us to the hotel. I told him I did not know how to get there, that he had the directions. None of the other guests had problems finding the hotel with the directions we provided. He took multiple wrong turns and asked other drivers who were stopped at lights next to him if they knew how to get to the hotel. He wasted over an hour of our day in the limo at this point. We finally came to a landmark we were familiar with and explained to him how to get to the hotel. He did not once call anyone for directions or look at a map (which I assume he did not have).

He brought us to the hotel at approximately 5 pm. Forty-five minutes later when we walked out of the hotel to get back into the limo to go to the reception, he had left! We had specifically provided him with the location of the reception, so he should have known that the hotel where he dropped us off, the Courtyard Marriott, was not the location of the ceremony! Also, we had hired him until 6:15, meaning we lost more than an hour of paid time (approximately $200). We had to find alternate rides to the reception hall, which of course was very inconvenient, as we had already paid a driver to bring us there.

This was the worst service that I have ever had. On my wedding day I would expect if I am paying someone $800 to drive me from one location to the next, and I had previously provided the addresses, the least the person could do was look up the directions before picking me up, and have a backup plan of a map or GPS if he/she got lost. I had heard so many horror stories about limo services for weddings, so I specifically chose this company because a friend recommended it. Obviously, they must have had a driver that knew where he/she was going, however, I think it is very important for a limousine company to provide training to ensure that the driver can do their job in a professional way. The service on my wedding day was very unprofessional, very frustrating, and of course upsetting!

After the wedding I sent a letter to the Company explaining the situation and requesting the situation to be remediated. I stated that at a minimum I would expect to be reimbursed for the time that we hired the limo, that we were unable to use it (5pm-6:15pm). In this letter I stated that I wanted to wanted to inform them of this before the same situation happened to other couples. I assumed that this was a professional company and therefore would be concerned about the situation and want to fix it. I was wrong. I did not receive a reimbursement and did not hear back from the Company. I left a phone message but did not get a response. I just want to warn others about the situation so that they do not make the same mistake that I did: to hire this company and then find themselves without a limousine to bring them to their reception!


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