Luxor / Noise and Valet complaint

1 4252W 375N , Cedar City, UT, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 5056044800

My wife and I went out and decided to spent the night at the Luxor for a little getaway... After hanging out the whole night and part of the morning we were woken up really early in the morning by hammers and saw's and tons of construction workers, so much for getting aways from the kids and trying to sleep in. For luch my wife and I decided to go have lunch somewhere else in the city and as we were leaving the I told the valet guy I thought I had cash on me but I actually had spent it the night before and that I would get him back when we would get back from our lunch. The valet guy took off throwing a fit which he then proceeded to tell other co-workers to make sure we wouldnt get away when we came back and then he also proceeded to take down my license plate number! Really over a tip??? I had just told him that I needed to get cash, Im staying there its not like I can get away...For that reasons we decided to go somewere else instead!!! We were appauled at how rude someone can get over five dollars!!!

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