Lux E Cig / Fifty-One / Livingfreeforlife / Scam

I received the trial package which the atomizer did not function. After reading a similar complaint on this site by Threasa, I decided to cancel before the 2 week trial had ended opposed to getting a replacement. Upon cancellation, I got another surprise, a $10.00 restocking fee!!! for a defective product that didn't funtion in the first place. Be aware of the small print (Terms & Conditions) folks, thats where they get you. If I did not cancel when I did, I would have lost over $200.00 just as Threasa did. Thanks Threasa, for the heads up. I just hope they actually cancelled the trial and I don't see any additional charges (I will be putting a block on my bank account to ensure this doesn't happen). And there is another number which has to be called to cancel a support subscription which Threasa spoke about. This subscription charges every 2 weeks. That Phone # is [protected]. Cancel that subscription before you get slammed with reaccuring payments as well. GOOD LUCK!!!

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