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on january 15 2010 my house was searched by sheriff and local police.nothing illegal was found.on the 16th i went to find the officer in charge to get my warrant.i was told to leave the police dept that he was not on duty he would be in contact on the 17th.he never came on the 18th i went to under sheriff dustin crouse he said he would get me the warrant.he came back and said officer dreesan had given it to the judge and if i wanted it i would have to get it myself. i tried to find officer dreesan he left to vegas on vacation.have yet to have contact with him. i have been in wyoming 18 years this is the only law enforcement officer i have had a problem with.3 years ago my son put paint on a car. while officer dreesan was questioning my son my wife went outside for a second while she was out there a young man from here in town approached her and said officer dreesan approached him and asked him to lie in court and say he saw them.he refused and told us.they all came back inside when officer dreesan saw this young man he shut off tape recorder my wife had this young man repeat this again he got very angry and ended interview and gave my son ticket. he threw our shar pei dog in dump after she got hit by car.he said he didnt know it was ours. he had just been to our house 3 days before about her running.we live in a town of 800 people.we didnt find out for 3 months until a lady who was there come to say sorry about our dog. we have found him on our property when he thinks were not home.he is always following my kids.i have complained to his superior and was told it sounds suspecious.thats all.i believe there are only 2 plausible reasons he dislikes us we are hispanic or my wifes brother had to protect officer dreesans grandma from him because he used to hit her.and she told him we knew. i went to the aclu and they sent me to you. how can i teach my kids to respect the law when one of there examples acts like this.any help would be appreciated stevepena

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      31st of Jan, 2010

    First, you and your family be very, very careful-

    Rather than keeping this local, perhaps you want to document everything, getting signed statements (notorized is best), make copies of all-several copies, putting one in a safe deposit somewhere out of town, and fed ex to your state attorney general. Oten things like this cannot be handled on the local level because the locals are too afraid to get involved. The tough thing is that because this is such a small town, everyone knows everything and there may be more unpleasantness once this person gets wind of your gathering statements, etc. Of course, if this is racially motivated, it most likely WOULDN"T be happening if the town weren't so small, certainly not to the extent you are describing. With the new federal hate-crime law, this is not something that anyone, let alone a law enforcement official, would want to be caught doing.

    copies of all information/documentation/statements, etc., to the following, all sent either return receipt requested so you have proof that it got there, who actually physically took custody of it, etc.:

    Congressional Representitives
    State Senators
    State Attorney General
    Attorney General of the United States
    President Obama
    Vice President Obama
    ACLU State Headquarters

    By copying the information to everyone, and putting it on your cover letter that you have cc'd (carbon copied)you might have a better shot of SOMEONE in a position to do something actually getting involved. By putting the cc on the bottom of the cover letter to your packet of information/documentation, you are politely letting each person know that you have let others know about the issue. That way-SOMEONE might just say to him/herself "RATS! I better check this out because if I don't and Senator so and so, or someone from the State attny generals (etc. fill in each name here), DOES call me about this, s/he will know that i know about it and if i haven't done anything...well, you can get my drift. Even if getting it taken care of is just an act of a politician covering his/her own behind- at least it gets it taken care of.

    be careful- unfortunately, if this person is in a position to harm you, and yours, it might be well advised to move away from there. Somewhere where this person would have no valid reason to be, other than to be seeking you out. While it is not right, or fair, that you would have to do that, that might be the wisest course of action. In addition to starting an investigation with all of the above.

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