luperude and arogant disrespectful

I called to UCB collections to make a pmt and negotiate what I owe. I was layed off and been under unemployement for the last 6 months. I also have a 7 month old and am struggling. I explained all this to James and he did not care. He said that if I wasnt going to pay the amount he negotiated today to not waste his time. I explained I cant afford that, he said stop going back and forth and just pay or stop wasting his time. I told my sister to call for me because i was to emotional and upset. She called and they were just as rude.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Sun Valley, CAShe asked for a supervisor and he laughed and said what for he is right next to me and he is gonna say the same thing. He got on the phone and said his name was Mr. Petre, she said hi Petre this is Lupe and he said no wait you need to call me Mr Petre. I said I was Mr. and was just as rude. Said that they dont care about what is going on. They dont work for us, they work for the client and if I didnt have money to pay now to not waste their time. The whole time they were controlling, speaking very load and trying to over power me and make me feel like I didnt matter. I have been dealing with some creditor and collection agencies but none were as rude and disrespectful as them.

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