Luminess Direct LLCluminess airbrush

Called in and automated service wouldn't let me through unless I had exact date of purchase on c.c. Called the purchase product line and of course they answered right away. Told them I did not understand it to be a continuous club and sending me product and she said she can't help me and transferred me before I could say another thing.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Stafford, TX Sat on hold a long time and someone answered and said we can't take your call, please give me your name and phone number and we will call you back today or tomorrow. I said I needed the call today, will not be here tomorrow. Her voice was so low you could not understand what she was saying. Still waiting. I found the two people I did speak with briefly to be rude and cut me off. It did not allow for me to cancel over the internet but you can order product over the internet. It said you had to call customer service to cancel but you can't speak to anyone there at the time of the call, they will call me. Still waiting...!!!

Jan 30, 2017

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