Lulu Connect, Kochipoor services; purchase of whirlpool microwave oven, callous, irresponsible attitude, service.

had purchased Crisp Steam, 25 l Microwave Oven from "Connect", Lulu Mall Kochi around 12.45 pm on 23.03.18 for use during our stay at Kochi. They declined to show whether the oven was in working condition at the shop, saying it is against the policy and that someone from Whirlpool would visit our home later that day or the next day for demonstration/installation and then only it can be decided whether it is working or defective. I'd given my detailed address and 2 phone numbers as asked for.

Receiving no call I called the shop at [protected] on 26.03.18 twice and was assured that the installation would be done on that day itself. The next day again I called and was told that a "vinu" or "Binu" has been assigned the task and was instructed to be present at home. Still no call, let alone a visit. I sent an email to "[protected]@in." given in the invoice, stating the problem. No response till now.

Today I called them again and demanded to talk to someone responsible, like a supervisor. After being put on hold for more than 2 minutes the phone was cut. They called back later saying that a supervisor was unavailable.

We are senior citizens ordinarily residing elsewhere on visit to Kochi. From 23.3.18 till today, the 28th, we could not plan to go anywhere because of the impending "visit". The oven is still lying unpacked with us since we fear that opening it ourself would tantamount to tampering in the seller's eyes.

There is a strict condition on the invoice/receipt No. 41/48935 that under any circumstances, goods would not be exchanged if not presented within 7 days of the sale, which I would not be eligible for a replacement in case it is found defective, if the seller chooses not to send their representative latest by tomorrow.

With the hope that they show up at least by tomorrow,


Mar 28, 2018

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