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Lucas Law Firm Loan Modification / Loan modification scam

1 Los Angeles, CA, United States Review updated:

I heard an advertise on radio AM 740 regarding loan modification from Lucas Law Firm in La. I contact them and paid 3000.00 for the promise of service to modify my home loan. Then never contact my lender and I'm not able to contact them after they took my money.
I'm contacting the local police and DA and hopefully they will put this ### in jail.

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  • Ch
      28th of Jul, 2009
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    There's a sucker born every minute of every day, there is NO end to this fact of life.
    People are looking for the easy way out of everything...there ain't No easy way out of anything!

    I wish people would QUIT responding to those DAMN RADIO, TV and INTERNET commercials. ALL, and I do mean ALL, of them are SCAMS.

    They are there to SCAM you, nothing more. The ONLY service they provide is to separate you from your money. NEVER, EVER believe their TESTIMONIALS - They are FAKE

    If you need help with the IRS (talk to them yourself), your mortgage company, your credit cards, (talk with the companies directly), losing weight(quit eating so much), cleaning your colon (take exlax), Get-rich-schemes (NO SUCH THING), Nobody has a home you can buy for $400.00...It's a SCAM!
    Don't buy into the SMC or ANY work-at-home SCAM!

    They prey on trusting, gullible people that too naive or too stupid to handle money correctly!

    If you can't get it LOCALLY...YOU DON'T NEED IT!!

  • De
      3rd of Sep, 2009
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    Oh my gosh I have to admit i was soo lucky, i got a refund right before they got shut down. they had my loan for 5 months and they were not getting anywhere so i called another law firm that took my case and served lucas law with a lawsuit and modified my loan by 43% reduction of my payment!! they were very professional and obviously efficient. take my advice... dont work with your lender!!! they are horrible to deal with and only raise the dam payments!! it was the best 4k ive ever spent! heres their number 888-288-4453; ask for Bob he was very professional and never pushy

  • El
      10th of Sep, 2009
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    I am So sorry to hear what happened that’s why I entrusted in a law firm to get my Modification done. I recently did a loan Modification with the Sherman and nathanson Law Group. They walked me through every step of the process from start to finish, I was very fortunate to find such a wonderful company to work with. If I may recommend any company to do your loan modification I would give them a call, they did my entire loan modification in exactly 47 days and anytime I had a question they were very responsive in getting right back to me. Its unfortunate there are so many bad company's out there, If anyone comes across any other bad companies please post because no one deserves to get there house taken from them. You can contact them at 424-205-1810 the gentlemen I worked with name was Bret hope this was helpful.

  • Cs
      21st of Oct, 2009
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    SB 94 was already signed 2 weeks ago... meaning to say NO ONE in california can ask for an UP FRONT FEE for loan modification. Meaning to say a lot of these companies are shutting down because they will not get paid unless their modification goes through.

    Since PARSA knows that they can no longer collect money without closing the deal, they decided to jump and flee from their responsibilities, just like 8 out of 10 loan mod companies here in California.

    Call to see if you qualify for assistance: 877-708-7088 extension 311
    We DO NOT charge ANY upfront fees. We process your loans and when we get you the MODIFICATION, that will be the only time you have to pay for the service. Only fair, right?

    Our office is located in Calabasas.
    Affiliate program for brokers/attorneys and loan mod shop owners also available.

    We are approved by the DRE, FHA, DOJ, DOC and A+ on the BBB.

  • Ro
      18th of Mar, 2010
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    You must consider a shortsale most people do not realise that the bank does not care about the homeowner and there are millions of boiler room scams offering loan mods popping up every day . Out of 4 million homeowners facing foreclosure only 135, 000 have been helped thru a modification, companies are no longer allowed to charge for modifications so anyone offering their services at a price is a scam . I suggest talking to a licensed real estate agent about your case.
    also many people do not qualify for the 5 requisites the bank requires .

    we do not charge for modifications or shortsales the bank pays us. We wont ask u for a dime.

    Joaquin Roman
    Roman Realtors and Financial Services, Inc
    3005 S. Bristol
    Santa Ana, CA

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