LPC Merchant Cardguaranteed approval

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Received a letter from the company congratulating me on the approval for a platinum level lpc card membership including an unsecured guaranteed $7, 500 limit restricted credit line for shopping with the company. Also states fantastic opportunity for guaranteed no fee cash advances subject to certain criteria. I was instructed to activate my card quickly and given a website to do so with an approval number. Upon following instructions outlined within the website for activation now information being requested regarding the status of an active checking account. Of course the next request was for account information, including routing numbers.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Phoenix, AZ Whereas the letter indicates membership to be charged to the card, its non refundable processing fee is taken from your account and the refundable application fee also. But, upon activation you receive 2/$200 vouchers to use with 1) first $500 purchase and 2) the next $300 purchase, noting the vouchers are there way to offset the fees to you. Huh! What preapproval no deposit guarntee is this? Thats right its not. Dont be confused by the way the writing appears in the letter. Just another way to get your personal financial information and withdraw from your account(s) without and trust they dont have to have it, your authorization. Stay far away from these characters.

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