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Lowes Ge Money Bank / false reporting to credit bureau

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My husband had a lowes card that went into collections back in 2010 and we immediately paid it off along with a lot of other bills we had so we have the copies of the checks to prove it. we never once thought another thing about it because no one sent us anymore letters requesting money so we thought all was good. This year we pulled our credit reports because we are trying to buy a house and were denied because LOWES/SYNCHRONY is reporting that we have a balance still. the report shows were it went to collections and then it says it was charged off. the status stayed charged off for a few years and then you see all of a sudden there is a balance of $2, 200 and a payment of $53 and a past due balance of $437. it shows those amounts exactly every month for the past few years. now if we had been making payments the balance would go down right? well according to the report it never did and the past due amount stayed the same and the payment amount stayed the same. we NEVER made any of those $53 payments since we already paid the account in full! I called lowes customer service only to have the representatives say they didn't have any account for my husband. they couldn't pull up nothing. then finally I got another representative (after calling multiple times) and they finally pulled it up and said that the address they showed was not the address we were giving them and they said they couldn't tell me or my husband anything else about the account because their screen just said to have him call another number. so we called that number only to have talked to 2 different foreign women who both said that they did not have an account for him and didn't know why they were giving us that number. I called lowes back again and told the next person I talked to what the foreign women said and all she could say was I don't know, that is the number it says to give you. so now I am at a stand still with this because I have a credit report for him saying he owes this but yet when we try to find out who has this account and what is going on with it since it was paid years ago, no one seems to know what we are talking about or have the account. I guess my next step I a lawyers office because this is ridiculous! it has hurt my family tremendously and the sad thing is that my mom works for lowes and can't even find anything out for me. I will NEVER go to lowes again. Home Depot will be the place we go for all our home improvement needs.

Jul 13, 2015
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