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As others are starting to experience in the past 2 weeks, I too, have been a victim to this "very real" website, After my husband lost his job early Nov. I started looking for a way to supplement our income, and planned to retail the zhu zhu's on ebay. I invented far more than I care to share, but like others, had a delayed shipment, and when it arrived, my supposed pcs. were 10 pcs. of plastic. I spoke with them on instant chat immediately and was told that "I am sure it will be tommorrow then" when I went as far as photographing the product that arrived, the shipping label, and a pic of our instant chat and emailed it to "LUCAS" I was asked to give them a couple of days to check with their shipping provider, and wearhouse to see what may have gone wrong. I have made email attempts 3 times since then and am receiving no feedback. The webpage appears to be shutdown. This is one of the sickest scams I have seen. Your payment is requested Western Union, cash only. They have taken my money and ran and I am sick to death. Like the father and son with the birthday investment with them, this was my children's Christmas. Please stay away. I had investigated all possible means of them being legit, and they fit the credentials somehow. BUT, they are not trustworthy and will take your money I am afraid to say.


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