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This company is a fraud and doesn't even exist! I placed an order from this website in November of 2011 for nearly $400 worth of trailer building supplies. I receives an order confirmation via E-Mail. I realized that I needed one more item, so I tried to contact them so I could add it to the order. The website contains no phone number or address, so I left a request on the customer service page to be contacted. After getting no response, I started to do some investigating. I contacted the Indiana Bettter Business Bureau, and was able to get an address, and I got the phone number of where my credit card was processed from my card statement. A google map search of the address shows an empty field in the woods in Indiana. The phone number goes to a voicemail that never gets a response. A reverse phone number lookup came back to a machine shop. The website also says that they have multiple warehouses throughout the country, and the listings of various cities where they are located. Every one of them belong to another trailer supply company called Redneck trailer supply. I was able to find phone numbers to all of those warehouses, and not one person at any of the seven warehouses that I called had ever heard of Low Cost Trailer Supplies. I have filed complaints with the Indiana BBB, (which was closed after getting no response from the business), the FBI internet crimes division, (still active), the U.S. Attorney Generals office (still active), the Indiana State Attorney General (active), and the Internet Crimes Complaint Center (also still active). Hopefully this criminal will be put away for his crimes. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS FRAUDULENT WEBSITE ...IT IS A SCAM.

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