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Low Book Sales / Bait-and-Switch

1 3371 S StateSalt Lake City, UT, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 801-474-3335

Classic Bait-and-Switch, and by a well-known dealership!

Low Book Sales lists cars on the largest community classifieds website,, for very low prices, and then changes the price on the buyer after they're already interested. It is clearly an unethical attempt to lure customers into buying a more expensive vehicle. Its purpose is to get customers to come in to the dealership by FALSELY advertising the vehicle at a "special low price", then after they're interested and ready to spend their money, tell them it was a mistake and the vehicle is actually much more expensive.

I submit my own experience as evidence. Yesterday (Nov 21st, 2008) I went to Low Book Sales to see a 2003 Mercury Sable which at the time was listed on KSL Cars for $2, 219. The salesman *confirmed* the low price at the dealership, telling me that the vehicle was one of an "over-abundance of trade-ins" they were "trying to unload" as quickly as possible. Chris -- the salesperson I spoke with -- said they had marked down the vehicle to only $800 over their purchase price because they were trying to get rid of it. I test drove the vehicle, and we agreed I would come back the next day (it was too late in the evening for a proper inspection) and that I would most likely purchase the vehicle.

Today I called him at 1:00pm and he confirmed that he was expecting me at 3:00. I showed up at the scheduled time. Chris was not there. The manager had another salesman come and speak to me about the Mercury. He told me that the price was a "mistake" made by whoever submitted the ad, and that the vehicle was actually supposed to be listed for $6, 400. (Later in the same conversation he blamed KSL Cars for the misprint in price.) He claimed that Low Book Sales NEVER sells a vehicle for under $6000 (even though a quick search on KSL Cars will reveal several vehicles in the $[protected] range). He also said they had updated the ad on KSL Cars with the correct sale price.

I was understandably upset, and left the dealership. This evening, I went on to KSL Cars and looked up the ad again. I discovered that Low Book Sales HAD indeed updated their price -- it was now listed at $2, 560 !!! -- this is only $341 above than the original "mistake" price!! They knew I was pre-approved for $4300 -- so why are they now listing the vehicle for a NEW low price on the very day they told me it was $6400? My best guess is they figured they could WEASEL me into paying more, into getting a more expensive loan, into somehow affording or getting financing for the more expensive price; and when they realized I wasn't going to play that game (and couldn't afford to anyhow), they simply tweaked the number enough to still be just as appealing to some other unsuspecting buyer!!

This is a FRAUD on car buyers in the Salt Lake area. I am insulted and ashamed that this WELL KNOWN dealership is resorting to such cruel and UNETHICAL tactics to profit off the unsuspecting public. Upon further research, I am learning that dozens of other people have experienced the same cruel, deceptive, and completely unethical behavior.


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