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I want to warn you of the danger of this site...
I met one of these girls, Darina, on a site of meeting, more or less one month ago... She sent me very sincere love letters, I believed it at this moment there. But what I did not know, it is that this girl tried to attract men's maximum for the site
She made me promises of meeting, of common life until day, when she showed me the existence of her video of promotion on Make as me, fall not in the panel... This girl is a demon... I became mad lover of her, and while today I said to her that I will not pay 540 asked dollars for the inscription, she sends me a mail to tell me that if I want to write a other letter, it will be only on this site... I do not say to you in what state I am... A true human rag, to have believed in these words of God... Angel's face, but which will make you live Hell...

Lovitent Enterprises Inc.
Lovitent Enterprises Inc.
Lovitent Enterprises Inc.

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  • Go
      Aug 13, 2009

    I had the same experience with the other lady on

    I met a lady named Natalia on a relationship website from Ukraine and we have been corresponding for the last few weeks. She told me she was going on an audition for a TV show. She then told me she was selected for the show and she was going to be doing this TV show and it would be in a house in Ukraine and would last for 2 months along with 1 other woman. It turns out the other woman's name is Darina. The show is called Openlife.TV .They have a website and they have produced a demo for both ladies which can be viewed on their website and on You tube. She has been telling me that she really likes me and she thinks that I am the 1 for her and that she wants us to be together after she finishes the show. Last night she has written to me that she is starting the show now and that the people from the show will not allow her to write to me except through the service through the show and their website. There is a cost to join the show of at least $99 per month I have no intention of paying to join. I get the feeling that the whole thing is a scam to get many men interested in her under the pretense that she wants to have a relationship with them just to get them to pay to join the show and be able to write and receive letters with her and to be able to watch her live on the show.

    I am so glad you complained about this scam ! It is great to get the confirmation that my feelings were accurate! I am sure these phony women are going around to different dating websites and deceiving men into believing that they are interested in having a serious relationship with them only to lure them into paying money to join this site in the hope that the fake women are sincerely interested in a relationship with them when it is really only an elaborate scheme to take money from them!! I wonder how many men have been deceived? Anyone else who has been approached by these women please reply and don't pay to join, it is a scam!! Lets get the word out there to prevent other men from being deceived!!


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  • Ji
      Aug 13, 2009

    nice girl!!!

    pass the link!!!

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  • Ji
      Aug 13, 2009

    Hi, mates. What are you talking about?
    All ladies are demons ! But you should be such a suckers or disable (I mean impotent) to write here about just a girl or just about a site with video! It was funny to see this from a man (I mean a real man)it sems like you are just sucking your ### when looking at these photoes, noth else. what a men should be you to perform your fakes onto the public view... or u just wanna laugh at yourself?

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  • Jt
      Aug 13, 2009

    Hey Greg: correspondence with Natalia was the same. About a week or so ago, I sort of sensed the letters seemed to be "form-like". Then I got the "join" openlife letter, and see the company is located in Belize...hello" Negerian-style scam"!

    TO EVERYBODY: Do not join this site, or you will be ripped-off.


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  • Ji
      Aug 14, 2009

    I still don't understand what’s wrong with this site? It’s just usual, at list as it looks like.

    Have you ever paid for anything in internet? To pay or not to pay, what is a question?
    Hot girls!!
    Or they are too expensive for you?
    99 (even not pounds)!!! Men!!! Shame on you! What are you writing about? About some lady chatting with many in internet??? Are you surprised? Don’t be stupid.
    Better go away and find some real girl and have some real sex instead XXXXXXXXXX in front of computer with her pictures
    You have a site, you have a price! Still only one question left «To pay or not to pay?'

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  • Ye
      Aug 14, 2009

    Had the same experience with Darina. Scam.
    Did she tell anyone else about the balloons all over her room for her birthday or how she auditioned and beat out her close friend?
    She acted as though she was very interested however, would not give me her mailing address as I told her I wished to send her something. As the others, once the Promo was put on youtube, I could only mail her there however, a secretary would separate her personal mail to insure she received it.
    Told her I would not pay $99 per month and have not heard from her since!
    Every other e mail would address some of my questions while the other e mails appeared to be form like.
    Just thought I would give some input! Good Luck!

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  • Lo
      Aug 15, 2009

    hi, buddies!
    how are you?
    oh, thank you for the link, i got acquainted with the girls from this project a week ago, when i had a tour to Kiev. They are really cute! I just tried to find their show.
    I completely agree with Jim
    so frankly speaking i do not understand what is wrong for you, guys.
    wake up, we are leaving in Internet Age!!!
    there are a lot of pre-payed services in it.
    or you have forgoten allready the way your ### were treated with your right hands when you were watching porno???!!!

    guys, be frank!!! what have you been searching in girls? REAL LOVE???????????
    as for me, i was hungry for conversation, AND I'VE FOUND IT.
    it seems that you haven't been looking into the mirror for ages.
    i'm sure you do have deep wrinkles, you are too fat, and nobody pay attention to you, or the best way to spend your days is just sitting in the arm-chair with the box of beer and chips in front of your PC, searching for such a yong beauty...

    of course in such case, now you are feeling like loosers!!! cuz YOU ARE LOOSERS!!!

    I've joined girl's site, and i'm happy do have done that!

    And by the way I still have the chance to see her again after the project. She is just acting there and I'm happy to see her every day.

    I got used to fight for my succsess and used to blame myself for any fault.
    But as I can understand now you have already had some experience in relationships before and I'm sure that women were always guilty in your troubles.
    Because you are weak to admit that your let women use you.

    You all don't deserve to be called REAL MEN.

    Just let that girls play their life. If you don't want to be a part of this game - just don't play!!!

    Enjoy! now you are FAMOUS FOOLS ))))))))

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  • Va
      Aug 15, 2009

    It is a scam, and "Jim-one" and "Louis McKein" are obviously working for this group.

    Don't feel too bad guys, be glad you found out before u spent allot of money.
    If you are dating online be sceptic.

    And my dear scam artists, your pathetic attempts at diversionary insults are painfully obvious.

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  • Ji
      Aug 15, 2009

    I had an experience in loving the girl who was a model. And I remember at least the crowds moaning of weakness around a little well-known girl. Therefore I understand you but at the same time I do not!!! Even if they make money being starring in this project it’s their right. They still free to meet other people in internet as well.
    Well done girls! Go on!
    Your real man who will praise your talent, love and spoil you is waiting for you.
    Maybe it is me?
    Thanks to Didier for pictures and links. I Love the pictures above.

    And I don’t mind if she will write someone else. :) :) :)

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  • Ji
      Aug 15, 2009

    Msg. to vandd


    And your point of view deserves to be placed here!!

    But you are right. If you are dating online be sceptic!!

    But don't blame anyone if you don't know something for sure (me as well) you don't know me, do you?

    And still THANKS TO DIDIER!!! :)

    funny you are!
    I think she didn't want money. I think she wanted popularity. You don't understand that you just made this girl very popular. And she's got what she wanted.

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  • Ro
      Aug 17, 2009

    I 'm starting to think that even the girls on the demo could have been cheated from this Lovitent Enterprises...Who knows, maybe they were told about a reality show, while organizers were finding a way to make money easily without telling them about the trick...
    Maybe the letters were written behind their back...
    To make a successful reality, especially on-line are necessary conspicuous advertising and these Lovitent Enterprises from Belize, good tropical tax haven country, made that as a short cut...
    How ingenuous these girls from Ukraine are...
    You wanna become popular, you wanna be famous??
    Certainly You won't get that if you follow these men!!!
    Find a good company like ENDEMOL, Go to BIG BROTHER show, if you want popularity, but please. leave alone these guys!!!
    You WILL NEVER get popular that way!!!
    But sooner or later you are going to realize that!!

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  • Mu
      Aug 18, 2009

    Guys, fame is a ### of a thing...
    It seems to be that rational beings become craze about this stuff.
    And whats so snazzy about it that everybody is so keen to get it?
    Hash over Ozzy Osbourn. During his show a live bat was tossed on the stage. Ozzy grabbed the bat and bit the head off.
    Or Marilyn Manson who burnt the Bible!
    The howling side of an issue's that the swarn loves it!

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  • Ma
      Aug 18, 2009

    I agree completely with you, Mustang 123!!!
    Fame is real disgrace!! People think they become happy to obtain it, but in the remote case they hit the target, then they finally realized it is the most evanescent thing in the world...
    Only being compassionate with the others and in harmony with universe and creatures contained in it, can give peace of heart in human beings...
    Living with semplicity is the real key to get happiness!!!
    That 's what i have learned in life!!

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  • Lo
      Aug 19, 2009

    Hey guys, you noted they try to promote openlifetv on purpose-built sites saying that they make charity all over the world and other ###s...
    OPENLIFETV is a CRIMINAL association, with the aim of CHEATING people, under the pretence of choosing the best girl on the planet...AHAHAHAH!!!
    I LAUGH my head off!!!
    They compare themself to realities like "Dancing with the stars"!!!
    Openlifetv is still an UNDER CONSTRUCTION site!!!
    Poor girls trying to become famous with those MISERABLE FRAUDSTERS!!!

    Go to do real job, You CHEATERS!!!
    But in the end the Truth WILL OUT!!!

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  • Ka
      Aug 21, 2009

    Be ashamed of yourself Openlifetv!!!

    Playing with someone else'e feelings in order to get clients, is the worst thing a human being, or better an ANIMAL could conceive!!!

    I hope only one day you could reflect about it and feel remorse...
    ...that will be the only way for your redemption!!!

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  • Ra
      Aug 22, 2009

    The 2 girls are paid actresses on 3 month contracts (Google cache found the listings). But don't worry you probably never even spoke to her. Scams like these employ others to fish and reel people in. Speaking to many people and getting them to register on the site. If you google a bit more you will find various articles (plagriased) that in are supposed to make their project seem more legit.

    Looking at the uploaders though it is all from different names signed but the same russian email address.

    This is not the first or last scam like this. But make sure u spread the word and learn the signs. To the poor guys who got tricked by this, not everyone is fake. But do take time to learn the signs.

    They were greedy and word is hopefully spreading quick enough that they wont make a profit. This setup costs money and I hope this ### loses allot.

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  • Da
      Aug 23, 2009

    I think these men of Lovitent Enterprises are completely idiot!!
    When a girl says: "after the "reality" we're going to meet...
    But now you pay 539 dollars to watch the show.."
    i think that most people start to smell fishy...
    this strategy seems almost empty-headed...
    A man generally knows a girl who is interested in you, or better "fallen in love" with you, never could say a thing like that..
    at the most she 'd say: "ok darling, i have the show now, but i don't want you to pay such money...You are'a too expensive..but i keep on thinking about you and at the end of the show for sure we'll see each other..."
    Only in that case you can think she could be really sincere!!
    However i agree with you these men are ###!!!

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  • Ka
      Aug 23, 2009

    Guys, i found a site where it is written that Tom Hanks has produced this shoddy reality show if you google a little you can read that.. i think the actor doesn' t even know the existence of it.. It is totally invented by these scoundrels with the goal of legitimate their illegal actions...
    If Tom Hanks by chance could read this article, i think he sue them for using improperly his name about unknown matters.

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  • Pa
      Aug 25, 2009

    This is a real scam!! You can go around saying to people you were chosen for a reality show, but you can't make promises of love and common life.
    This plan was very accurate in depth, only in the end it was approximate. Women in love couldn't force you or push you to spend so much money.They weren't so persuasive on that point.
    Guys, you rest assure of that: these Openlife managers aren't going to get richer and the two girls aren't going to get famous anyway!!
    Darina and Natasha, i don't know you, but i have to tell you one thing if you read this: forget theese guys of openlifetv or Lovitent whatsoever!!! They are ###!!
    If you are better than them, if you dream about becoming actresses, you change way!!
    What you are doing now is low-quality, crummy!!
    You can't achieve no goal doing that, you are going to waste your talents, you 'll become RIDICULOUS having around those wretched people!!
    The man speaking is one living in country of Europe where fashion and show business really matter, not from Ukraine or Belize (very good sunny place anyway)!!
    You are still on time to tell them to go to hell!!

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  • Ly
      Sep 25, 2009

    It just happened that I came to this complaints board while surfing the web and it's quite interesting to read!

    Of course there's a lot of scam sites and especially many of the dating sites. I don't know how old you guys are who excanged letters with these girls, but probably
    middle age, as myself and believe me. There is no 19 year old girl, who would fall in love with a guy 20-30 years older !!!

    Take a look in your own country, have you ever had a relationship with a 19 year old and how many men do you know who have such relationships ??

    There's probably exceptions from that rule, but in general the girls and women from the FSU countries aren't any different than our women and would consider
    a middle aged guy who falls in love with a 19 year old, a pedophile, that's right, harsh to hear maybe, but still the truth!

    Anyway, falling in love with a young girl isn't really normal, if you're not 20-25 yourself !!

    It's not that I'm defending the site and how they try to get clients to pay for joining them. You say that you would never pay for something like that !
    As far as I know, there's always some kind of fee for joining and writing letters on the dating sites also, so what's the big deal !? OK, a higher fee for watching the girls, but
    if that's the problem, well, move on and find yourselves some other woman and I mean woman, not a girl!

    Now you might ask yourselves, who this guy is, posting the comment, well, I can tell you that I have had my share of scammers also, but I am now happily in a relationship with a woman from a FSU country and I can also tell you that, those countries are not some kind of underdeveloped countries, from where young girls want to leave to just get a better life, regardless of what kind of guy she meets !

    One last thing, the comment and pictures you posted just makes that site even more interesting, which means more guys joining, the ones who actually pay to join such sites, which also means more $ in the pockets of the site owners !!

    Good day to y'all

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  • I0
      Mar 01, 2010

    Guys! I just found out who was under all this stu[censored] - pretty similar, right?
    So the organizer of the project is Markin Maksim Viktorovich!
    Here he is!

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  • I0
      Mar 01, 2010

    Guys! I found out who is the initiator and executor of this ### project! - pretty similar, ha?
    The name of the director is Markin Maksim (bbmarkin)
    Here is an article about the whole business:


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  • Vi
      Mar 02, 2010

    I should admit that I used to work for them. And everything above is true.
    I haven't been paid for my job.
    So I don't need to keep silense any longer.
    Shame to be a participant of all that ###


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