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I have had the worst online shopping experience with lovingdresses, a group purchased the same dresses for a wedding but one individual purchased the dress several weeks later, but ensured that we all were ordering the same dresses. Once the dresses arrived 2 of the zippers broke upon trying them on and had to be replaced, a third zipper broke and was fixed using the same materials. One of the dresses was custom made and once received was not even close to fitting and we had to pay another $130 to take to a seamstress. The evening before the wedding we found that the dress that was ordered later was not the same dress as everyone elses. There were completely different shades of grey, the designs on the front and the back and had beading all over the front where all the others did not. All the bridesmaids were suppose to have the same dresses and everyone was devastated because the differences were so noticeable. The poor customer service following this was even worse...the email response stated "According to our return policy, we accept the returning within 7 days after receiving. It's has passed 2 months since you received the package. It's really too late to return it. You can check our return policy for more details. Because you ordered the dresses in different time, so the dresses are made by different dress makers, the MINOR DIFFERENCE is unavoidable, so please do understand! Anyway, you are not satisfied with the dress, so we are willing to give you 10% discount for your next order! If anything we can help, please feel free to contact us!"
How one can call this customer service is beyond me. In the end they completely lost me as a customer, along with all of the bridesmaids, everyone who attended the wedding and many more. A beautiful day was ruined by this horrible disaster which we could never get back. PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM HERE!!!

Aug 19, 2016

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