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Love My Frenchies / Bulldog Alley / Scammed out of registration papers!

1 Howell, MI, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 734-255-3796

I purchased a female french bulldog 10/07 and a male english bulldog 11/07 from Jennie Everets for the sum of $3300. I had requested the papers on both dogs and have yet to receive them (1/08). The Frenchie I paid extra for the papers and the English she said she would not charge me extra seeing how this was the second dog I purchased from her and that she usually would give a discount. When I purchased both these dogs she clearly stated that they can be AKC registered. Well with further research I found out that NO dog from her can be reg. AKC as her AKC breeding rights had been revoked. I had called her and left messages for months with no response. When I finally did talk to her she had told me that she was diagnosed with Cancer and had not been able to get the papers out although would send them out ASAP. After waiting for another month I sent her a registered letter. No response. I contacted the Attorney Generals office who sent me a letter stating they could not get a hold of her either. I also contacted a lawyer who informed me that there were several other people filling complaints although cost of a lawsuit could run $5000-$6000. I then had to stop any further actions as I can't afford to do that.

I feel as if there is no justice and I am very frustrated that she has been allowed to do this. I would like to know why she is not being punished for her actions and why we as consumers are not being compensated for our losses and would have to put out more money to get any action.

I believe that we as consumers should be entitled to our money back in full for all the grief and time we have spent. Also that she should not be allowed to continue in this type of business.

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  • Sh
      14th of Jul, 2007
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    Love My Frenchies - Bull Dog Ally - Paid & never recieved Bull Dog papers
    United States

    I paid Love My Frenchies AKA Bull Dog Ally in Howell MI $200 for papers on french bull dog. I never received the papers & my calls & request for the papers or a refund are unanswered.

  • Ja
      24th of Feb, 2008
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    I have been scammed by Virginia/Jen/ what ever she calls herself now adays. I purchased a frenchie from her for full price which was supposed to include full registration rights with AKC I bought the puppy in Aug. and still no papers, I recieved the same run around as you they were always comming any day now until she stopped answering my E-Mails and phone calls, I also contacted the Gov. of the State they sent someone to her home and they were appauled at the conditions she kept the dogs in all lined up in small cages in her cellar, they closed her down for a short time but that was it. I have been in contact with at least 5 other people who have been taken by her, she is a discrace for a human being. I too was planning on getting my lawyer to sue her, but will that get me my papers NO, there are a few others who also intend to sue what will come out of this I do not know. You know what they say what goes aroun comes around if she really has cancer this may be her punishment from God for what she has done!!!!!!!!!! I hope there is something done for all of us who she has betrayed and she is totally shut down and all the puppies and dogs are saved from he.

  • Sh
      17th of Apr, 2008
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    I too was scammed by Love My Frenchies. I wrote letters to Attorney General, the Police, the FBI website, the better business bureau, consumer eXchange, AKA, & the US postal department.

    Love My Frenchies, Jenny, Virginia or what ever name she uses is a con artist. She knows she can get away with scamming people on the papers as she has done it for years. She always gives the people a a story such as, her mother died, she has cancer, a family emergency came up, and a million other stories.

    If your dogs are healthy, you are lucky as some of her dogs have have been sick & owners have had expensive vet bills. Bottom line, don't buy a dog on the internet. Go to a AKA breeder, look at the living conditions the animals live in, & check out the breeder with AKA, and Buyer Beware!

  • Ka
      7th of Oct, 2008
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    I purchased a Frencie from Jenny of "Love My Frenchies" in October of 2006. I questioned her several times regarding papers for my new male Frenchie and to see pictures of his dame & sire. She finally told me that papers are $200 additional and they are not AKC but of the same type of certification. I couldn't figure out why their certification would be different. After several more questions, I finally found out that her Frenchies come from Russia... which is probably why she can't get the certification promissed. Jenny's just the "middleman" making a killing off of a thriving "business." She doesn't seem to have any attachment to her dogs... just making money. I originally was thrilled to purchase my Frenchie from "Love of Frenchies" because they were located on severl acres of land and I figured that the dogs were able to run around and play. After I purchased my frenchie, I saw a disturbing picture on "Love My Frenchies" website which showed the dogs in tiny cages barely able to move. I was appauled! My little guy is now a wopping 39 lbs! I've been told by several additional breeders to be extremely warry of dogs coming in from Russia, and that they tend to be very large for the breed... and in questionable health. My Frenchie has allergy's and he has trouble with his front legs... after walking or playing he limps for a day or two. It seems to be the beginning of arthritis due to his somewhat "bowed" legs. He's the joy of my life and I can't imagine having a sweeter dog. I'm just sorry for everyone in regard to the problems they are having with "Love My Frenchies." If there were a forum out there, like this, when I was getting ready to purchase my Frenchie... it would have really changed my mind in deciding to purchase from "Love of Frenchies."

  • Sm
      8th of Apr, 2018
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    @Karen I purchased my Frenchie from this evil lady April 07 Marshall was born 12/22/06 she sent pict of sire and dame ( not sure if they are his parents now) I did rec papers but in Hungarian! To make a long story short Marshall passed 9/1/15 from pulmonary hypertension and right side congestive heart failure he was 8. But he was sick from the beg. Ear infections allergies seasonal and food. A number of things years of vet visits and $ which I would spend All over again . He was diagnosed 2mnths b4 I lost him. The vet said it was hereditary and he was born with this and he’s lucky to have lived this long( we spoiled him- he deserved it) . He was also a service dog and accompanied me with my hospice clients. He was loved by many thru out his years. He was my soul mate, almost 3years now and it’s not any easier, I’ve since found a wonderful breeder and have to remarkably boys from her actually brothers 6mnths apart. Although one is beyond healthy my youngest has had some issues but it’s breed expected! Unfortunately but I now see how unhealthy Marshall was, I had many test done even up till time of his passing every test blood wrk showed normal even b4he passed. I want this lady to know she has caused unimaginable heartache and loss for myself and my husband. I feel she needs to be held accountable for selling sick puppies to family’s. I tried to reach her after I rev Marshall to purchase a sibling she had pict of his so called sisters they were sitting tog 3 females all brindal like my boy. I nvr heard from her and after I lost him I couldn’t even look up her site until I found this, I’m looking to see if anyone has a Frenchie or had like my Marshall or issues like I had . What can I do if anything I do have all paper wrk from time I purchased him till his euthanasia! I just feel she needs to know the hurt she has caused ! The lives she’s affected. If you have any info pls contact me or anyone else I know these complaints are several years old up until recent . I would appreciate any info on how to proceed with if any actions I can file or do to have her be held accountable for my loss as well as all others I’ve read about she needs more than a slap on wrist or a fine .

  • De
      25th of Jan, 2009
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    Wow. I can't believe I came across this site. I bought a French Bulldog from her 2 years ago, and she has had TERRIBLE (the worst the skin specialist has ever seen) allergies for the past year. I tried to get in contact with her, and the web site has been closed down and the emails bounced back. It's no wonder given the above posts.

  • Ge
      19th of Jun, 2009
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    I wish I had come across this site before I purchased my two pups from love my frenchies/Bulldog Alley or whatever she calls her site. I have had nothing but problems from the beginning. I have two English Bull dogs or at least they are suppose to be. My male is big by breed standards and has all sorts of skin and digestive problems, he also suffers from eye infections. He is a sweet, loving, gentle and loyal dog. My female on the other hand is the dog from hell. I have never seen a dog behave in such a manner. The whole neiborhood knows her as she escapes from my yard almost everyday, nothing can hold her in short of jail. She is hyperactive, aggressive, barks for no reason for hours on end. When I received my female she began barking the first night I thought it was because of the change in environment but it has never improved or stopped. I did receive her papers but they are not in english so I have no idea what they say or who they belong to. I have never received papers for my male. I have called Jenny for the past year with no luck until last week. Jenny answered and stated just as she has to most that she has been sick and that she now lives in Florida, but she travels back to Michigan from time to time to get her affairs in order. Jenny stated that she was going back to Michigan soon and would get the paper she owed me and send them to me. I don"t see how this is going to be possible because before she hung up she never asked me for enough information to find the paper work for the puppy she sold to me. I will keep everyone updated as to if I get any results from Jenny. If not I don't see why everyone who has been wronged by Love my Frenchies/Bulldog Alley join together and sue this lady for her wrong doing.

  • Qu
      28th of Jan, 2015
    -1 Votes

    I just purchased a French Bulldog from love our Frenchies and I have been chasing a guy named Emmanuel and Jenny for papers. I am willing to file the lawsuit with others joining if this is the case. I also have the address to her home and can file the lawsuit GA. Please let me know if others are interested in joining.


  • Qu
      23rd of Feb, 2015
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    I am trying to have the previous post deleted. Please do not mix up Love our Frenchies in GA with the lady in Michigan. I am contacting this website to have complaint taken down.

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