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Worldwide, this SEEMS a wonderful idea. "Love in a shoebox" offers to provide impoverished and needy kids with a box of donated toys and goods. BUT there are undisclosed strings attached.

Not only are you, the donor, required to provide the shoebox of goods, but the expense of postage too, ( about $10) and you are not told that there are strings attached for the recipients.
It is part of a missionary attempt to convert kids to christianity, from their local religion. How can that be in their best interests, to be alienated from the local population?
To qualify, kids have to turn up for lessons and do little workbooks...and profess interest in christianity.

I OBJECT to this because it is not disclosed to people who kindly donate shoeboxes every xmas and is misuse of their kindness.

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      29th of May, 2013

    This is absolutely not true. If you read the Brochure it clearly states that the gifts are given unconditionally and is not based on Race, Religion, Creed, Ethnicity or Gender. You will also read that nothing of a Political or religious nature are allowed to be sent in the boxes, which is why every box is opened and the contents inspected to remove any of these items or other items that contravene Customs regulations before the boxes are shipped to these countries.
    HOWEVER, where requested, in some communities they can be offered a follow up Bible Study course. This is always done with the written permission of parents or carers of the children and is not ever a condition of the children receiving a Shoebox gift. The shoebox gifts go to children in desperate circumstances to let them know that the outside world knows they exist and to give them a touch of Love. The boxes are then followed up by other aid, where allowed, such as schools, feeding programs, water etc. I would be helpful if you made sure of your FACTS before posting something like this because at the end of the day, the only one it harms is the children who desperately need help and support.

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