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Loud Security Systems Inc. / Poor customer service

1 United States

I purchased my home in July 2003 and the home was already wired for a Loud Security system of Loud Security at 975 Cobb Place Blvd in Kennesaw, GA, John Loud, owner. I I called the company and asked them to turn on the monitoring service for the system in my home. The system repeatedly malfunctioned. When I asked for a technician to come repair my system, Loud Security asked me to take time off work and wait at home for a technician because the technicians were not available after business hours. When the technician came to my home he told me that he didn't bring the necessary equipment to repair the malfunction and stated that I would have to schedule an additional appointment for him to come back with his tools. Again, I took time off work to accommodate his schedule. The technician informed me that he must secure payment from me before leaving my home the second time despite the fact that he STILL did not correct the problem. I called the company and spoke to the owner, John Loud. I informed him of all the problems and asked if he would help me. He stated that I should go to the internet, download the manual and figure it out myself. At that point, I gave up and simply stopped using the system. Loud Security continued to collect payment despite the fact that I had informed them the system didn't work.

In March of 2007 while remodeling my home, the security system malfunctioned making loud, erratic noises. My husband called Loud Security to ask them to completely disable to system and terminate the service. They offered to send more technicians to our house but we declined since they were never able to correct any problems over the past four years. Loud Security asked my husband to confirm the termination with me since the system was in my name. I also called and asked the company to terminate the service. Unfortunately, they continued to bill me and drat my account for an entire YEAR. When I complained about the unjust billing to their office on February 15, 2008 LOUD Security informed me that they would not terminate my account without a 60 day written request and would still bill me through July 2008 because my "contract" runs July-July and AUTOMATICALLY renews if I do not cancel it (which I had TWICE)! I sent a written request to them within minutes the very first time anyone requested it of me on 2/18/2008 informing them that their product was defective and had been completely nonfunctional for a year. . The owner, John Loud, now informs me that I owe ANOTHER year of payments (until July 2008) because I am still under a "contract". Loud Security will now effectively charge me for) 16 months for a system that has been completely non-functional and that I have requested FOUR times to be terminated. I understand there is a contractual agreement between me and Loud Security. The terms of the agreement are they supply a functioning security system and I pay them for it. Loud Security NEVER provided me with a functioning product yet billed me for FIVE years! They were aware that my system malfunctioned constantly and never corrected the problem yet billed me MORE! When I have approached them about their defective product and their inability to correct it, Loud Security simply reminds me that I “signed a contract” and offer no solutions or refunds.

An internet search on Loud Security reveals multiple complaints against them for forgery, fraud, bogus contracts, deceptive marketing and unjustified liens on personal property, not to mention multiple lawsuits by John Loud against his own clients!


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