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Do not purchase ANYTHING from this site. They sell Louboutin replicas, which is what i was in the market for, but they sent me the wrong pair and refused to take them back. they said the following:
Dear customer, really sorry for the mistake. But the expensive return cost has to be covered by you if you need to exchange or return them. So we recommend you to order a new correct pair, we will definitely offer you discount.

They basically told me I was SOL. I sent a total of 7 unanswered emails saying that this was unacceptable and that they needed to rectify the situation over a two week stretch before getting this response:

Dear customer, sorry for the late reply. We will offer you 30% discount if you're going to purchase a new pair. Thank you for your prompt reply.

Best regards.

Like hell I'm going to give you MORE of my money to send me another pair of shoes I didn't order.


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