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1 china, MI, United States
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On January 26, 2010 I went to the site to by some lace bootie and was able to get through the process to order them. I got to the credit card part and put my information in and the screen pop up white with the word error or it and said the tranaction did not go through. So a couple of days later I went back to the site and placed an order for the booties and it went though I received the package on Febreary 2, 2010 for the order which went though. I open the package and saw the the heels have some lumps which are not suppose to be their and sent then and email letting them know that I would like my money back because they sent me a bad product. And still nothing yet I have been emailing them for two day to try to get matter taken care of. In the process of that I receive another package with the same shoes from the first order on January 26 which said it did not go though. So now I'm sitting here with 339.98 out of my pocket that i don't have because they sent me a defective product that they dont want to take back and because of and order which said it did not go though but some how did. All i would like is my money back from them because this is bad business.

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