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I'd like to file a complaint on several different circle k locations. I go into circle k's alot 2-3 times a day. I play the lottery scratchers alot and the front register associates on 5 different occasions pocket the money by either telling me ther are no winnings or only giving me a partial amount of the scratcher. I always double check before I take my tickets in by checking the 3 letter code on the scratcher just to confirm. Tonight I was told again ther was no winnings. I asked for my ticket back and took my scratcher somewhere else and surprise surprise my scratcher was indeed a winner. I will no longer purchase or anything from a circle k . Like I said this is the 5th time this is happened and only at circle k. Never at any other gas stations.

Jan 28, 2015
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  • Ti
      Jun 21, 2015

    You need to report that store to the Lottery Commission. I work at a Circle K in Florida, and we have a sound that plays when you win, any amount. There is no way to turn that sound off, as it was implemented because of situations like this, so if you are not hearing a sound when they validate your ticket, they have tampered with the lottery machine. Tampering with those machines, and not giving people their winnings is against the law, and they can lose their license to sell lottery. But then, you are in Arizona. I know that the lottery machines in Florida, Texas, and Illinois play a sound, but not sure if they do in all states. I would check into it, and still report them anyway. I am sure there are cameras pointing at the registers.. we have plenty of them in our store. Good Luck.

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